Are you the Maruti Suzuki YRA premium hatchback?

Indian automaker Maruti Suzuki, along with its Japanese parent automaker Suzuki, is working on a B+ segment hatchback that will sit above the best selling Swift in terms of price and positioning. Yesterday, a low slung, large hatchback wearing copious camouflage and said to be Suzuki was spotted testing in Europe.

Are you the Maruti Suzuki YRA premium hatchback?

Since the hatchback is low slung, the S-Cross connection can be eliminated. That leaves us with the YRA, a premium B+ segment hatchback that Maruti Suzuki plans to launch in India late next year. The hatchback that’s just been spotted could indeed be the upcoming, 2015 Suzuki YRA but for now, we have no way of confirming.

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The Swift, for its part, is expected to continue operating in the same space even in its next generation, which is due in 2017. Coming back to the YRA, the car is expected to feature Suzuki’s all-new turbo petrol and turbo diesel engines, which are currently under development at the automaker’s Research and Development unit at Japan.

The turbo petrol engine of the YRA is said to be a triple cylinder, 1 liter unit that also features direct injection. The engine, dubbed the K10 DiCT is expected to output 90 Bhp of peak power and 140 Nm of peak torque. The details of the turbo diesel engine option for the YRA haven’t been detailed yet.

The 2015 YRA hatchback will spearhead Maruti Suzuki’s push into the premium B+ segment hatchback territory, which is currently populated by the likes of the Hyundai i2o Elite, the Volkswagen Polo GT Twins and the Fiat Punto EVO 90 HP.

Expect Maruti Suzuki to price the YRA hatchback at about 40,000-50,000 rupees higher than equivalent Swift variants. For the extra money, premium fit and finish levels, and generous levels of equipment are expected to be staples on the 2015 Suzuki YRA hatchback.

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