Tata Motors offers an automated manual transmission (AMT) option on the 1.3 liter Fiat Multijet turbo diesel engine equipped Zest compact sedan, but not on the 1.2 liter REVOTRON turbo petrol engined Zest variants. The reasons for this approach isn’t hard to fathom.

Spyshot of the Tata Zest Petrol AMT Compact Sedan Photo
Spyshot of the Tata Zest Petrol AMT Compact Sedan


1. Fiat group owned autoparts maker, Magneti Marelli, the supplier of the AMT unit, developed the transmission accessory for the 1.3 liter Multijet turbo diesel engine. So, the AMT unit on the Zest was more or less a plug-and-play affair.

2. The time required to shoehorn an AMT unit onto the 1.2 liter REVOTRON turbo petrol engine would have delayed the Zest’s market introduction, an option that Tata Motors could scarcely afford, especially at a time when its market share was dwindling rapidly.

Now that the Zest compact sedan is in the market, with favourable response to boot, Tata Motors seems to have gone back to the drawing board for putting together an AMT option for the turbo petrol engined Zest variants. One such test mule of the Zest Petrol AMT is claimed to have been spotted by a RushLane reader, who asserts that the driver of the AMT equipped Zest confirmed to him that the test mule in question used a petrol engine.

A petrol powered Zest with the AMT option would give the compact sedan yet another weapon in its arsenal, to attract car buyers to its fold. Tata Motors has priced the Zest very competitively and with the automaker continuously adding in segment leading features, the Zest will only become even more attractive to the compact sedan buyer. A Zest Petrol AMT will also open the field for a Bolt Petrol AMT. The Bolt is the hatchback version of the Zest, and is due for a launch early next year.


  1. Thats a great move. Another thing that they need to do is to introduce the AMT on the top end models. It doesnt make sense for a person to choose between safety and convenience when we can have both.
    I think that they had not launched it initially to keep the top end cost less. Now that the launch is done its time for the XTA editions . Hope Tata listens and understands as they have always been very good listening to the customer feedback.

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