Arnold Schwarzenegger involved in a crash with a bicyclist

The Austrian-American actor, film producer, retired professional bodybuilder, and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger was recently involved in a traffic accident in West Los Angeles, California. It was reported last Sunday that the former governor of California hit a lady bicyclist while driving on the road in L.A. According to reports, the lady was sent to ER (emergency room) for treatment and after the accident, Schwarzenegger attached the bicycle to his GMC Yukon SUV and took it to a bicycle repair shop to get it fixed.

Arnold Schwarzenegger involved in a crash with a bicyclist

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As per TMZ, one of the biggest entertainment news outlets, Arnold was driving his SUV when the lady abruptly weaved in front of his car. It was stated by three eyewitnesses of the case that the actor was not at fault from any angle and could have not done anything to avoid the accident. Arnold was also seen talking to the police authorities at the scene.

An investigation was carried on for the accident and it was later revealed by the authorities that it was concluded that the woman swerved in front of Arnolds SUVs and that instance he could not manage to hit the brakes and thus caused the accident. Furthermore it was reported that the woman nor Arnold were under the influence of any drugs or alcohol and this was a case of a mere traffic accident.

This is not the first time that the former governor of California has been involved in an accident. Prior to this, Schwarzenegger was involved in a multi-vehicle crash. This accident also happened in Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) arrived at the scene soon after the crash.

Arnold Schwarzenegger involved in a crash with a bicyclist

Arnold reportedly crashed into a Toyota Prius while driving another GMC Yukon SUV at the time of the collision. A white Porsche Cayenne was one of the other two vehicles. The Cayenne was just behind the Yukon when it crashed into the Prius and was unable to stop in time.

At the time it was also reported by the authorities that there were indications that either alcohol or drugs had a role in this crash. The parties involved in the crash were all still at the scene following the accident and its investigation. At the time of the collision, Arnold was attempting to make a left turn at Sunset and Allenford Avenue, according to law enforcement officials. No serious injuries were reported from the accident site as well. A woman suffered abrasions and was treated immediately.

Arnold Schwarzenegger involved in a crash with a bicyclist

Recently another popular American media personality, comedian, actor, and avid automotive collector Jay Leno during a phone interview revealed that he was involved in a motorcycle accident. He reported that in this accident he got a broken collarbone, broken ribs and cracked kneecaps after the accident. This was Jay Leno’s second accident in four months as previously in November, Leno suffered some burns on his face after a fire erupted in his Los Angeles car garage. One of the cars reportedly burst into flames and left Leno with serious burns on his face. His eyes did not suffer any injuries.

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