Mahindra Scorpio-N Driver Claims To Be Magistrate And Argues With Cops: Arrested [Video]

Scorpio N driver argues with cop

Driving a car without a number plate or hiding the numbers on the registration plate is illegal. We have seen several instances where cops have taken action and issued challans in such cases. Here, we have a video where a Mahindra Scorpio N driver is seen behaving arrogantly with the cops who asked him about the hidden numbers on the plate.

The video was shared by Gagandeep Singh on his X profile (Twitter). In this video, we see a white-colored Mahindra Scorpio N SUV slowing down at a traffic signal. The SUV driver actually crosses the signal at a roundabout and parks the SUV next to the pavement. The video was recorded by a police constable who was on duty.

The Scorpio N’s registration number was hidden because of a black rope (tied in superstition that it would ward off the evil eye) tied on the front bumper. The owner of the SUV was not aware of it. The cops clicked a picture and asked the SUV driver to pull over. When the SUV driver got out, he started speaking arrogantly. The police officer was recording the video and was speaking to him in a calm manner.

When he asked the driver to show his license, the driver refused to present it and said he would only show it to a senior police officer. Both of them argued for a while, meanwhile, the Scorpio N driver was trying to remove the black rope from the number plate and tuck it back into the grille. However, it kept falling.

When the senior officer approached, the driver started narrating the whole story and spoke to him in an arrogant manner. The senior officer also asked him to show his license, but he refused to obey. The driver even said that he is a government servant and called another senior police official in his contact.

The car driver handed over the phone to the police officer. The senior officer explained that the number plate was hidden, the driver jumped the traffic signal before coming to a stop, and he was also not behaving properly. Meanwhile, the driver can be heard screaming that the police officer was recording the video. The officer said that nothing could be done in this matter and a challan had already been issued online.

Mahindra Scorpio-N Driver Claims To Be Magistrate And Argues With Cops: Arrested [Video]
Scorpio N driver argues with cop

Even the police officer on the phone couldn’t do much in this case. The car driver was very frustrated as he was expecting things to work in his favor. He got inside the car and drove away in a reckless manner, narrowly missing crashing into a couple of vehicles. Before leaving the circle, he stopped the car and challenged the officers to send the challan.

The officers did the same. A challan was issued. According to the video, a complaint was registered, and Chandigarh Police booked the SUV offender, Prakash Singh, under sections 170 (personating a public servant), 186 (obstructing a public servant in the discharge of public duties), and 419 (cheating by personation) of the Indian Penal Code, said the police. The accused was also issued a challan for violating a red light signal and tampering with the number plate. Deputy Superintendent of Police (Traffic) Harjit Kaur said his vehicle would be seized. The offender was later arrested by police officials.

Always obey traffic rules and never argue with an officer on duty. If you feel you have been fined wrongly, you can always challenge it in court. The road is not the right place to do so. In this case, the arrogance and ego of the Scorpio N driver made things worse for him. If he had presented his driver’s license to the officer, things would have ended with a simple challan. He not only argued with the police officer but also pretended to be a magistrate. The second is a serious offence, and can land one in jail, which is where the man in the video now finds himself at.