Artist shows how Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 miniature is made on video

Royal Enfield is a brand that has a large fan following in India and around the world. They are known for their retro looking modern motorcycles in the market. They have a variety of products in the segment but, Bullet and Classic 350 series motorcycles are the most popular ones. Royal Enfield even has two 650-cc motorcycle in their portfolio which is an excellent motorcycle at its price point. Royal Enfield’s Interceptor 650 is currently one of the most affordable twin cylinder motorcycle in India. Here we have a video where an artist shows how he made a miniature version of the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650.

The video has been uploaded by Craft Hunter on their YouTube channel. Name of the artist is Pradul K Sukumaran. He starts by working on the chassis of the bike. He uses thin PVC pipes to make the frame. Once the frame was ready, he started working on other parts. He made foot rests, brake and gear levers using plastic pipes.

This miniature version of Interceptor 650 is completely hand made and that is what makes this miniature special. Once the frame and other components of the bike were done, Pradul starts working on the fuel tank. For this, he stacks several Forex sheets and glues then together. Once that was done, he carves the sheet using the craft knife to give it the shape of an Interceptor 650 fuel tank.

Artist shows how Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 miniature is made on video

After fuel tank, Pradul makes the seat, front and rear mudguards the same way. He used multi wood for the tyres and used plastic strips and small PVC pipes to make steel rims and spokes. Meanwhile, Pradul had already worked on the engine and had made a 650-cc engine from Forex sheet. Pradul had paid attention to detail and that is visible on every panel that he is making for this miniature.

He had also made a headlight, twin pod instrument cluster, front forks, handle bar, rear view mirror and a small windshield. He also made front and rear suspension using a plastic pipes. He even made front and disc plates using plastic sheets with exact pattern on them.

Once everything was ready, Pradul starts assembling the parts. A final check whether everything fits perfectly and then he moves out to paint the bike. The frame, seat, tank are all spray painted in black shade. This is a colour that is available in Interceptor 650. After painting, he removes tape from all the parts that have a chrome finish to them.

The front and rear mudguard, front forks and rear suspension, windshield, headlights, turn indicators are all painted in silver finish. The engine is given a silver or chrome finish with Royal Enfield branding on it. After painting, Pradul starts pasting Royal Enfield and Interceptor 650 stickers on fuel tank and side panels.

Overall, the work looks pretty neat and as mentioned above, the main focus here was attention to detail and Pradul made sure that it looked like an exact replica of an original Interceptor 650 from every angle. This is by far one of the neatest handmade miniature model of an RE Interceptor 650 that we have seen.