Assam man buys dream Grazia scooter using coins he saved over 5-6 years: Honda dealer honors him [Video]

In recent times, there have been instances where individuals have gone to two-wheeler dealerships carrying sacks filled with coins to purchase a bike or a scooter. While some of these instances were just publicity stunts, others were genuine attempts by individuals who had been saving for years to buy their dream vehicle. A recent incident from Assam involves a local resident, Mohammad Saidul Haque, who had been saving for over five to six years and approached a Honda dealership with a sack full of coins to buy his dream scooter.

The video has been uploaded by HornbillTV on their YouTube channel. This is actually a video report that explains the whole incident. Mohammad Saidul Haque is the name of the person who wanted to buy a scooter. He is a resident of Sipajhar in Darrang district of Assam. Mr. Haque can be heard saying in the video that he runs a small shop in Boragoan area and it was his dream to buy a scooter from his saving. He has been saving money for the last 5-6 years. The video report shows Mohammad Saidul Haque, walking to the Honda dealership with a sack full of coins.

This was not a publicity stunt but, the man genuinely saved the money for his dream scooter in the form of coins. When he approached, the dealership, the sales representatives were slightly surprised however, they handled the situation pretty well. They went to the owner of the dealership informing him about the local who came with a sack full of coins to buy a scooter. The dealership staff along with the customer counted all the coins and ensured that Mr. Saidul Haque had the correct amount in his sack. The video mentions that the customer has around Rs 90,000 in coins.

Assam man buys dream Grazia scooter using coins he saved over 5-6 years: Honda dealer honors him [Video]
Assam man buys Honda scooter using coins

The owner of the dealership was very happy about it as he had heard a lot about such incidents from different part of the country. The owner was delighted and he wished that the Mr. Haque would buy a four-wheeler in future. The dealership even honored the customer after he made the purchase. The images and videos of the whole incident are available online. It looks like the customer bought Honda Grazia 125 automatic scooter. In one of the images that is circulating online, the customer can be seen standing in front of the scooter while the dealership representative honors him.

This is not the first time, we have come across an incident like this. Last year, we came across an incident from West Bengal where a trader saved Rs 1.8 lakh in coins and decided to buy a motorcycle with the money. As per the reports, the trader was saving coins since November 2016 after demonetisation. If you feel that buying a scooter or a bike using coins is too much, then there are couple of incidents where people have saved up to Rs 6 lakh in coins and decided to buy Maruti Eeco van. A YouTuber also bought a Mahindra Bolero using Rs 12 lakh coins. In this case, we are not sure whether the YouTuber made the whole payment in coins or was it just a part of it.