Assam Police busts the thief who promised to return Maruti Brezza in 3 days [Video]

assam police maruti brezza thief

Last month, an incident of a thief leaving a note to the Maruti Suzuki Brezza car owner saying that he will return the car in 3 days went viral. The incident from Mangaldai town in the Darrang district of Assam became very popular on the Internet. While the thief did not return the vehicle, Assam police gave him a chase and this is how he was caught.

The video shows Assam police chasing the car thief through the narrow hill roads. According to the report, someone alerted the police after they spotted the stolen Maruti Suzuki Brezza. The cops started a hot chase. The video also shows how the thief in the Brezza hit other cars, trees and other things on the roads while trying to escape.

Finally, the thief was caught after he crashed into a forest while trying to escape from the cops. The police also caught one of the thieves in the car and recovered the vehicle as well. While the Brezza has been properly damaged from all around.

The car bearing registration number AS 01 FL 7552 was reported stolen from the residence of its owner, Abdul Aziz. The incident was reported at the Janaram Chowk in Mangaldai town, and an FIR was lodged in connection with the same. Aziz stated that the perpetrators had stolen the car key from the table beside his bed, along with some cash from his house.

After stealing the car, the thieves left a note for Aziz, saying,

“You will get the car back after three days. Don’t make a fuss out of the situation. And do not inform the police because if you do, you will not get your car back.”

Prevent car theft

Assam Police busts the thief who promised to return Maruti Brezza in 3 days [Video]

Preventing car theft is important and there are ways to do it. Thieves often sell vehicle parts after dismantling them, making it difficult to track stolen cars. Some even smuggle them illegally to neighbouring countries like Nepal. Also read: Most Value For Money Variant of the Maruti Brezza here!

To combat this, a GPS-based security device has become necessary for cars in India. Although some cars now come with factory-fitted GPS security systems, most vehicles do not have them. With a GPS-based device, car owners can monitor the real-time location of their car and even turn it off remotely using a mobile phone.

One also installs additional anti-theft devices like a gear lock or a steering lock. If the thief realises that it will take a lot of time to break the lock and gain access to the vehicle, they will not attempt the theft. Additional anti-theft devices increase the time and parking them under bright lights like a street light further makes them safer from thefts.