Assam Cops Seize 9 Cars Worth 2 Crore For Using Illegal ‘Sirens’ [Video]

Assam cops sieze 9 cars with illegal sirens

In the light of the recent hit-and-run case that took place in Assam, the police authorities of Assam have started a crackdown on illegal practices endangering public safety. During this crackdown, Assam Police has managed to seize a total of nine luxury cars worth approximately Rs. 2 crore. The operation was initiated in response to the illegal installation of sirens and red/blue beacon lights on vehicles, which is a direct violation of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The seized vehicles were found to be equipped with these unauthorized modifications.

Assam police seize 9 cars with illegal sirens

As mentioned above, this initiative stemmed from a recent hit-and-run incident that shook the city of Guwahati. In this particular case, a 20-year-old boy who was speeding in his black Mahindra Scorpio Classic SUV claimed the life of a middle-aged man. Following the incident, authorities launched a thorough investigation, leading to the apprehension of Arin Kataki, the 20-year-old who confessed to being part of a notorious group known as the “siren gang.” Kataki’s involvement with the gang, illegally outfitting vehicles with sirens and beacon lights, led to the seizure of these nine vehicles.

Assam Cops Seize 9 Cars Worth 2 Crore For Using Illegal ‘Sirens’ [Video]

The Guwahati Police conducted an extensive operation across the city, targeting vehicles suspected to be involved in such unlawful practices. The operation was based on information provided by Kataki, who implicated several high-profile individuals, including businessmen, contractors, and even a CID official. Following this, the police managed to seize vehicles, including a Toyota Fortuner, 2 Mahindra Thars, 2 Mahindra Scorpios, a Hyundai Alcazar, and 3 Innova Crystas.

The police authorities mentioned that the list of seized luxury cars included models owned by prominent personalities, whose sons were found driving the vehicles. Among the seized cars were two belonging to Pranjal Kataki, an Assistant Conservator of Forest (ACF) in the Forest Resources and Survey Division. Notably, Arin Kataki is the son of Pranjal Kataki. In addition to the seizure of the luxury cars, three more individuals were detained by the police for interrogation.

What did the police say?

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic), Jayanta S. Borah, emphasized the seriousness of the situation. He stated that the use of sirens and beacon lights on civilian vehicles not only violates the law but also poses a significant risk to public safety. Borah highlighted that these young boys attempt to create a nuisance on the streets by displaying power through these unauthorized vehicle modifications.

He stated that these seized vehicles will undergo further scrutiny as part of the ongoing investigation, with authorities examining any additional evidence found within the cars. The police have also added new penal sections, including those related to attempting to destroy evidence and culpable homicide not amounting to murder, reflecting the gravity of the offenses involved.

Assam hit-and-run case

Assam Cops Seize 9 Cars Worth 2 Crore For Using Illegal ‘Sirens’ [Video]


As mentioned above, the hit-and-run case in Guwahati took place on January 26, where a speeding Mahindra Scorpio Classic fatally struck a middle-aged man named Narabahdur Thapa, leaving him dead on the spot. Initially suspected to be a police vehicle due to its government markings and sirens, it was later revealed to be a private Scorpio with registration number AS 01 FF 0555. The suspect, identified as Arin Kataki, who, as mentioned, is a 20-year-old boy, is currently studying law. During his interrogation, he admitted to this crime, which led to the recovery of the damaged vehicle, which had been concealed in a garage in the Six Mile area of Guwahati.