Assam cop kicks scooter to stop the riders, leading to a crash

Police using dangerous techniques like putting a stick in front of vehicles to stop them is widely practised across the country. Sometimes it can become quite dangerous. Here is a video from Guwahati, Assam that shows the traffic police kicking a scooter to stop the riders. Both the riders fall badly on the road.

The video, which has now become viral on the Internet shows two police personnel at a checkpoint. A scooter with a pillion enters the checkpoint when the police personnel kicks it. The rider of the scooter couldn’t keep his balance and both fall down from the scooter.

We are not quite sure if they sustained any injuries but the fall does look like a bad one. The video is recorded by a helmet camera of another rider who was parked at the spot. The video does not show if the other cop waved the riders to slow down or stop. But even the other cop chases the scooter and tries to stop the riders in the video.

Kicking a scooter in such a way will definitely lead to loss of balance. The move by the police is criticised by everyone on the Internet. After both the riders fall down, the police personnel reaches the scooter and picks it up from the road.

Pillion rider not allowed in Assam

Assam cop kicks scooter to stop the riders, leading to a crash

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are quite a few restrictions in place across India. The state government makes the rules and according to the protocols, pillion riders are not allowed on two-wheelers in Assam. The protocol is in place to ensure that people maintain social distance from each other.

However, netizens have criticized the move by saying that the fuel prices are increasing every day and it is unfair to restrict the number of people to only one for two-wheelers. The police personnel who kicked the scooter also quotes the same rule.

Police discouraged to engage

There are many such incidents that happened in the past. Sometimes the motorists refuse to stop at all and police jump on the bonnet too. In many cases, the motorists take the cops for a ride on the bonnet and cops get injured too.

This is why the authorities discourage any engagement at the site. The motor vehicle act has a digital challan facility that the authorities ask the police to use. In digital challan, the cops can simply click a picture of the violation and send the challan to home directly. This ensures that the cops remain safe from any kind of injuries.

It is always avised to slow down and stop when police personnel at you. Recently, two riders were injured after they did not slow down at the checkpoint and hit the barricade at a high speed.

The government of many states are also acquiring body cameras for the traffic police. The body cameras record the incidents that can be used as a piece of evidence to issue a challan too. We also feel that the police should refrain from using such dangerous techniques to stop the violators. Especially, when it puts life in danger. What do you feel about this incident? Do let us know in the comments section.

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