Assaulted Mumbai biker (Kawasaki Z800 incident) at IBW speaks out, in a video

Most of us have seen the video of the Mumbai-based biker, Saurabh Mayekar getting assaulted at India Bike Week 2017. Saurabh was beaten for an Instagram story where he claimed a modified Kawasaki Z800 ugly. IBW announced that they have banned the two participants from all the future IBW events. Saurabh Mayekar is a vlogger and has made a video where he explains tells everything about the situation and how it unfolded exactly. Here is the video.

Click here to know more the incident and see the videos: Blogger calls superbike ugly at India Bike Week, gets beaten up

The India Bike Week is a yearly event that brings together bikers all over the country. It’s held at Goa, the party capital of the country, during November. The event – which has a hefty entry fee – organizes music bands, biker competitions, and other similar gigs.

Over the past couple of years, there have been reports of the IBW being ‘too noisy’ and ‘too commercial’. The latest incident adds to that, especially because the victim is clearly seen complaining that the security personnel at the event arrived at the scene only after a good thirty minutes. By then, the damage was already done.

Freedom of speech, though guaranteed by the Indian constitution under Article 21, is a concept that many don’t understand. Freedom of speech, in its truest sense, is about ‘saying stuff that others don’t like/want to hear’ and being protected by Article 21’s constitutional guarantee while doing so.

However, in the real world, it rarely play out like this, and people are often beaten up, or worse killed for expressing their opinions. Notably, freedom of speech does NOT including verbally abusing others, or ‘hurting religious sentiments’. When it comes to these matters, you’re on very thin ice. Tread very carefully.