What India’s rich kids drive: Drifting Aston Martins to modified Ford Mustangs [Video]

India has one of the biggest import taxes on vehicles. Every vehicle that lands in India through the Completely Built Unit (CBU) route, the Indian government charges up to 250% tax that takes the price of such vehicles to an exorbitant level. The high price tag also ensures that these vehicles remain accessible to only a limited group of people who can afford expensive vehicles and pay the 250% tax to legally drive them around in India. Mo Vlogs, a popular YouTube creator recently came to India and hung out with the rich kids in Mumbai! What do they drive around in? Let’s check out.

The video is from Mumbai he came to attend an event. He and his sister Lana Rose went around for a drive around in the city. He starts his journey in a BMW M6 Gran Coupe and the video shows that the car is moving in a convoy of luxury and high-performance sports cars. There are quite a few Ford Mustang muscle cars in the convoy and a few exotics like the Aston Martin DB11.

The video taken from the BMW M6 shows the vehicles moving towards the sea link and the modified Mustangs driving at a high speed and accelerating on the roads. There’s a moment when the Ford Mustang even slid during the hard acceleration. The exhaust note of both the Ford Mustangs is way louder and much more different than the stock exhaust, which is because of the aftermarket exhaust systems installed in the cars. The red Mustang even has a few aftermarket visual upgrades that Mo Vlogs shows in the video.

The video shows that the underbody neon lamps of the red Ford Mustang can be altered in many different ways without even touching the car. The system gets a smartphone app that can be used to change the colour of the underbody neon to any other possible colour. The Ford Mustang is a popular car in the Indian market and is also one the most affordable sports cars available. Being a global car, there are numerous options for aftermarket exhaust systems and body kits. There are quite a handful of Ford Mustang muscle cars that have been modified in India. The exact names of the exhaust systems used in both the Mustangs are not known.

What India’s rich kids drive: Drifting Aston Martins to modified Ford Mustangs [Video]

Later in the video, all the cars can be seen parked on the roadside and the Aston Martin DB11 also tries the entertain the bystanders by attempting a few drifts in his vehicle. The Aston Martin DB11 is a rare car in India and was even used in a James Bond movie.  The drifting session does not hold for long but it sure is something unusual that we get to see on the Indian roads, especially by such high-end exotic vehicles. Also, the convoy had the extremely rare Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG that gets gullwing doors! The convoy was also accompanied by a few other luxury vehicles including BMWs and Mercedes-Benz sedans.