Astonishingly SIMPLE cars of multi-billionaires: From Mark Zuckerberg to Warren Buffett

We always think of the billionaires around the world living a lavish life and driving in fancy cars. While there are many billionaires who do just that, a handful of them live a modest life – at least when it comes to the cars they travel in. Here are 5 billionaires from around the world who have few of the most humble cars on the planet.

Mark Zuckerberg


Mark Zuckerberg, the father of Facebook is the eighth richest person in the world. The 32-year entrepreneur is a man of simple taste and drives around in a Honda Fit, which is sold as Jazz in India.

The Honda Fit used by Zuckerberg is the pre-facelift version of the vehicle. The vehicle came powered by a 1.5-litre petrol engine in the USA market. The USA spec four-cylinder engine produces a maximum power of 117 Bhp. Mark has also been spotted driving a Volkswagen Golf GTI and an Acura TSX.

Warren Buffett


Warren Buffett is known for his economics knowledge. He is the most successful investor in the world and is the third richest person in the world. Warren Buffett is popular for his simple living standards irrespective of his net value. He loves Cadillac and replaced his ageing DTS with an XTS.

Cadillac XTS

The Cadillac XTS is a regular sedan in the USA market and is priced at about Rs. 30 lakh in the Indian currency. The man prefers to drive himself and has been spotted numerous times in his new Caddy. The XTS is a big roomy sedan and is powered by a 3.6-litre V6 engine. According to the trim, the engine is either naturally aspirated that produces 304 Bhp of power or it comes with twin-turbo that generates 410 Bhp of maximum power.

Steve Ballmer


Steve Ballmer was one of the first employees of the Microsoft. He was hired by Bill Gates in 1981 as company first business manager and received 8% stakes of the brand. Ballmer climbed to the position of CEO of Microsoft and stepped down in 2014. His current net worth is USD 31.4 Billion.

Steve drives around in a humble Ford Fusion hybrid. Steve received the car from Ford and it is the one millionth model that gets Ford’s SYNC system. The 2010 Ford Fusion hybrid came with 2.5-litre petrol engine that developed a maximum power of 156 Bhp. The electric motor produces a maximum of 106 Bhp. The combined power is 191 Bhp.

Roman Abramovich


The Russian business tycoon is one of the richest people in Russia. Roman owns the popular English Premier League club, Chelsea Foot Club and is known for his lavish lifestyle.

Even though Abramovich has a garage that can make anyone jealous, he was seen driving an electric vehicle in France. Roman moved around in the streets of a small city in France in the electric vehicle. Interestingly, Roman spends most time of the year in France driving around in this electric vehicle.

Steve Wozniak


More commonly known as Woz, he was one of the Steves who founded the premium electronics brand, Apple. Steve Wozniak designed the first Apple computer and played a major role in establishing the brand. Wozniak is now an owner of several electronic companies and has his own baseball team.

Woz drives around in a Chevrolet Bolt EV (Electric Vehicle). The Bolt EV is powered only by an electric motor that produces a maximum of 200 Bhp. Woz owned a Tesla Model S but traded the car with the Bolt EV.

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