Upset Ather 450X Owner: Service Costs Same As My Rs. 70 Lakh Kia EV6

Upset Ather 450X Owner: Service Costs Same As My 70 Lakh Kia EV6

Generally, an electric scooter’s annual maintenance costs come out to be about Rs. 2,000-5,000. However, sometimes this number can far exceed this figure and become a shock to owners. Recently, sharing his experience of receiving one such exorbitant bill, the owner of Ather Energy has shared his official quote online. The owner highlighted that this bill for his Rs. 1.6 lakh scooter is the same as the bill for his Rs. 70 lakh Kia EV6 GT electric crossover.

Ather 450 electric scooter owner shares his massive bill

The series of tweets about this exorbitant bill from Ather Energy has been shared on X by Arun Bhat S. The owner in the tweets begins by sharing their recent experiences with servicing their electric vehicles. He particularly compared the costs between his Kia EV6 electric crossover worth Rs. 70 lakh and his Ather 450.

He highlighted that despite the perception of low service and maintenance costs with electric vehicles, there is a shift in the owning experience. He states that he recently received invoices for his Kia EV6’s 20K service and his Ather 450’s 30K service. The owner mentioned that both totaled to around Rs. 7,500.

In his series of tweets, he mentions that the bulk of the cost for the Ather 450’s service was attributed to brake components needing an overhaul. He stated that this was a bit of a surprise to him. The owner believed that EVs typically have minimal use of friction brakes due to regenerative braking.

Other issues with Ather’s service

Upset Ather 450X Owner: Service Costs Same As My Rs. 70 Lakh Kia EV6

He also added that the company also used to have pro service packs for their Ather 450s until they were discontinued. And compiling all of these experiences he expressed his dissatisfaction with Ather for the shift to a dealership model for service.

The owner stated that this change has led to higher costs for customers. He also highlighted that when calculating the total cost of ownership, the only significant benefit compared to traditional vehicles is fuel savings.

However, he then also added that these high service costs offset these savings. While sharing his experience he also mentions the contrast of his experience with the Ather 450 with that of the Ola Electric S1 Pro. Bhat stated that Ola has not presented similar issues regarding service costs.

Final bill

In his last tweet, Arun Bhat has shared the receiving of an official quote for service. He highlighted that the final bill has exceeded Rs. 7,500 and has come to Rs. 10,872. He also sarcastically stated that both labor and parts appear inexpensive compared to their previous experiences.

Ather 450X Gen 3 battery costs Rs. 94,500

Back in December of last year, a vlogger shared his experience of battery replacement in his 1.5-year-old Ather EV scooter. He shared the costs of the battery replacement of an out-of-warranty battery pack, which costs Rs. 95,000.

The vlogger also revealed that a Gen 2 battery without warranty costs Rs. 84,500. The vlogger mentioned that his total cost of battery replacement was Rs 49,000. However he did not have to pay anything as his scooter was under warranty. He only had to pay a very small amount.