Ather 450X Electric Scooter Owner Shares Experience After Completing 63,500 km [Video]

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Electric scooters are gaining popularity among buyers. Along with major brands like TVS, Bajaj, Ather, and Ola, we also have several other Chinese brands that offer electric two-wheelers. We have seen videos related to the ownership experience of almost all types of electric scooters on the internet. Here we have an Ather 450X Generation 2 owner who shares his experience with the scooter after completing 63,500 km.

The video has been shared by “Under the Stars” on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger speaks to an Ather 450X Gen 2 owner who has been using the scooter since 2021. His name is Shajin, and he is a resident of Kerala’s Kozhikode district. The customer bought the second generation of the scooter a few years ago and has been a happy customer since then. He starts by saying that people had warned him not to buy an EV because they all thought EVs were low-powered and not practical.

With rising fuel prices, the customer had no other choice but to switch to an EV. He did his research and immediately found that he did not like EVs from Chinese brands. He then looked for alternatives, and Ather was one of the first to come up on his list. However, he did not buy it because they had not started selling the scooters yet. Ola had made a huge announcement in the market and had attracted a lot of customers for their electric scooter.

Ather 450X Electric Scooter Owner Shares Experience After Completing 63,500 km [Video]
Ather ownership review

Shajin was one of them, and as he was waiting for the scooter, he realized that Ola was not delivering the scooter on time. He canceled the booking and finally went ahead with the Ather 450X. He bought the scooter on EMI, and he can be heard saying in the video that he used to spend around Rs 9,000 on just fuel every month. He completed over 63,000 km on his scooter to date and has already recovered the price of the scooter by now. He bought the scooter for around Rs 1.61 lakh (approx).

He says that he is extremely happy with the build quality but servicing the scooter from an authorized service center is an expensive affair. Shajin also mentions that he uses the scooter only for city usage, and most of the time his scooter is in Warp mode at a constant speed. For long runs and for days when electricity supply is not constant in his area, he has a Suzuki Gixxer motorcycle in his garage.

He mentions that he would recommend the Ather 450X to anyone who is looking for an electric scooter for city usage as he only had a good experience with the scooter. He had the drive belt replaced once under warranty as it broke after 30,000 km. After this, he never faced any issues with the scooter. The vlogger asks the customer about issues that Ather 450X Gen 3 customers have been facing. The owner mentions that he got a chance to interact with Tarun, and he admitted that they had faced some issues from the vendor side which is affecting the quality and have already done things to get things back on track.