Ather 450X Gen-3 electric scooter’s real world range tested on video

Ather Energy launched their latest flagship electric scooter 450X Gen 3 in market earlier this year. As the name suggests, the 450X Gen 3 verison offers few more features when compared to its predecessor. Just like any other electric scooter in the market, the riding range of the 450X Gen 3 is what most people are concerned about. It costs about Rs 1.5 lakh, ex-showroom and has a claimed range of 105 km in eco mode and 85 km in Sport mode. These are claimed range and often in real world conditions, the range figures come down. Here we have video that shows how much range does an Ather 450X gen 3 scooter offer in real world.

The video has been uploaded by Pradeep on Wheels on their YouTube channel. In this video, the rider takes an Ather 450X gen 3 scooter out for a ride to check the real world riding range. He starts the ride from a petrol pump near his place and then rides through city roads and highways. Before starting the ride, he checked the tyre pressure on the scooter using the iTPMS on the scooter and it as showing slightly above the prescribed limit but, it was not too high.

When he started the ride, the scooter was showing him a range of 104 km in eco mode and 84 km in Sport mode. In Eco mode, the top-speed of the scooter is limited to 50 kmph. The rider decided to not engage eco mode and control the throttle on this scooter in Sport mode. Throughout this ride, he was maintaining a speed of 50 kmph and was constantly riding in Sport mode. As this is an electric scooter, the throttle response was immediate and the rider had to be careful with the input to maintain the speed.

Ather 450X Gen-3 electric scooter’s real world range tested on video

Once he started riding, he talks about his plans. He can be heard saying in the video that he will ride the scooter till the battery on it dies. He was inspired by some of the social media videos that shows that this scooter returned around 120 kmph range to riders in real world. He wanted to check himself if those claims were right. After covering 10 km, 91 percentage of the battery charge was left. He was still riding through city roads with less traffic. He mentions that the range of an electric scooter also differs depending on the weight of the rider. The rider in this video is anywhere between 85-90 kg.

The rider soon joins a highway and continues on it for some time. He even climbs several flyover to test the scooter. 85 percent of the charge was left in the scooter after he covered 19 km. He now started facing traffic on the road and once again he entered the city. After riding in the city for some distance, he turned around and started coming back to the same starting point.  After covering 66 km, the scooter was still showing 48 percent battery charge which is promising. The rider continues to ride the scooter through the same route.

His only aim is to test the real world range of this scooter. He continues to ride the scooter for few more kilometres to ensure that all the charge from the battery is utilised. Soon it got dark and the battery percentage dropped. When he reached to the petrol pump from where he had started, the scooter only had 1 percentage charge left in the battery and it had covered almost 112 km. This was all done in Sport mode and not in Eco mode. The rider was really surprised with the results.


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