Ather Electric Scooter Gets Towed By TVS XL [Video]

Ather towed by luna

India is advancing in the green mobility race at a very rapid pace. However, just like everything, electric vehicles also have their limitations. One big limitation is the limited range of travel in a single charge. Now, what happens when someone runs out of their battery? Well, they either park the scooter by the roadside or they call someone they know. However, some people find help from unexpected sources. Recently, a video showing an Ather electric scooter being towed by a TVS XL-100 has broken the internet.


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TVS XL-100 tows Ather Electric Scooter

This video of an Ather Energy electric being helped by a TVS moped has been shared on Instagram. It comes courtesy of Belgaum360. In this short clip, we can see a humorous spectacle. A TVS XL-100 moped was seen pulling an Ather 450X electric scooter.

The scooter was being ridden by a female rider. Meanwhile, an elderly man was seen riding the TVS XL-100. It can be observed that there is no proper strap being used to tow both vehicles. Rather, it is a makeshift rope made out of some cloth.

Ather Electric Scooter Gets Towed By TVS XL [Video]

Not the first such incident

This incident of an electric being rescued by an ICE vehicle is not an isolated one. Over the last few years, a number of such incidents have taken place. Back in July of 2022, an Ola Electric owner got stuck in a field after his scooter did not start.

He shared a video of the same and stated that he rode the scooter to the field, parked it, and went to do some work. When he came back, the scooter refused to start. The owner could not bring the screen alive even after pressing all the buttons on the scooter.

The owner stated that he finally had to call for help. In this video, the owner also added that no matter what he tried, the scooter did not unlock. According to the owner, the scooter was charged to 55% when he took it out.

Now, although he did not mention for how long he rode the scooter, he did say in the video that he faced a similar situation where he rode the scooter for 50 km on a full charge. But it could not cross 25 km in normal mode. There was no video of this that was shared by the owner.

What can you do to avoid running out of battery?

Ather Electric Scooter Gets Towed By TVS XL [Video]

If you are an electric scooter or four-wheeler owner, then there are chances that you can run out of battery. However, if you note these five points, then you can avoid getting into such a situation.

Plan Charging Stops

The first thing you have to keep in mind before embarking on a journey is to use EV charging apps. You can also use navigation systems to locate charging stations along your route. This ensures you have options for recharging when needed.

Monitor Range

You should always be aware of your vehicle’s range. Try to adjust driving habits accordingly. Avoid aggressive acceleration, high speeds, and excessive air conditioning or heating to maximize battery efficiency.

Regular Maintenance

Another important way to avoid running out of battery quickly is to keep your EV well-maintained. Regularly check tire pressure, brakes, and battery health. Efficient operation and optimal battery performance can help extend your driving range.

Utilize Regenerative Braking

You should always take advantage of regenerative braking technology. If your scooter offers this technology which converts kinetic energy during braking into stored energy in the battery. It can help you in extending your driving range by recapturing energy that would otherwise be lost.

Plan for Climate Conditions

This one might be one of the most overlooked aspects of elongating battery range. However, extreme temperatures can impact battery performance. In cold weather, try to warm the vehicle to minimize energy consumption. Conversely, in hot weather, park in shaded areas when possible to reduce strain on the battery cooling system.