Ather Rizta Electric Scooter’s Battery Pack Dropped From 40 Feet: Here’s The Result [Video]

Aather battery drop test

Ather was one of the first Indian two-wheeler manufacturers to build an electric scooter from scratch. The Indian electric two-wheeler manufacturer is now preparing to launch a new family electric scooter, called the Rizta. In the run up to launch, Ather has now released a new video where the Rizta electric scooter’s battery pack is dropped from a height of 40 feet.


The video has been shared by Swapnil Jain on his Twitter profile. In this video, we see Shreyas Seethapathy, who is the Chief of Staff to the CTO at Ather. This is not the first time we’ve seen him in a promotional video for Ather. In this video, Shreyas is seen picking up a battery from one of their electric scooters. The battery pack is enclosed inside a metal case.

The video is designed to demonstrate the durability and toughness of the battery pack and also shows how confident Ather is as a brand in their product. In this video, we see Shreyas placing the battery pack on a lift. The lift then goes up almost 40 feet above the ground. There, Shreyas picks up the battery pack and drops it.

The battery drops down and touches the ground with a loud thud. The case looks undamaged, and the video then mentions that the battery pack is designed in such a manner that it can withstand shocks from any serious accidents that one would face on the road. It is capable of withstanding shocks that are generated by potholes and speed bumps on our roads.

The video mentions at the end that this is the battery pack used in Ather’s upcoming family electric scooter, Rizta. This is not the first time Ather has released a video like this on the internet. A year ago, they released another video where they showcased how their battery packs are designed to withstand high temperatures.

In this stunt, Shreyas is seen sitting on top of an oven while their battery pack is getting baked inside. They are showing Shreyas so confident that he is actually eating an ice cream while the oven is baking the battery pack.

Ather Rizta Electric Scooter’s Battery Pack Dropped From 40 Feet: Here’s The Result [Video]
Ather battery drop test

The battery pack is able to withstand high temperatures without bursting into flames. The video mentions that the lithium-ion battery pack has been baking inside the oven for 3 hours and nothing has happened to it yet.

Both these videos that have been released show how confident they are in their product. They have spent ample time on research and development before releasing it in the market.

Ather’s upcoming scooter, Rizta, is aiming at family buyers who want a scooter with a comfortable riding position and a large seat. The upcoming scooter has been seen in several teaser videos with camouflage, and the scooter will be officially unveiled on 6th April.

The Ather Rizta is meant to take away some market share from the TVS iQube, which is India’s best selling family electric scooter. Ather is also under pressure from Ola Electric, whose heavy discounts have made the S1 range electric scooters best sellers in India.