8 people on top of a moving Audi A3 is plain INSANE [Video]

Soon after the results of Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) were announced on Saturday, videos of young men dancing atop cars and creating a ruckus on the public roads surfaced online. Several videos showing various cars with young men on top of the vehicle slowing moving the busy streets became viral on the Internet. Even though it is not known why exactly the youths in this video were acting like this but allegedly, they were celebrating the DUSU results. ABVP won three out of four posts in the recent election.

The video here is from the streets of North Campus where the men went out on their vehicles to celebrate the victory. The video shows several cars including an Audi A3, Hyundai i20 and a Mahindra Scorpio with people on the top of the roof. The vehicles can be seen moving in the traffic while the other motorists were giving them way all through. There is not a single policeman in the video who could have stopped them from creating a ruckus on the public roads. The incident reportedly happened for three hours in the same area. It should be noted that the 2019 MV Act has been implemented all through India on 1st September and except for a few states, all the other states are now issuing fines using the new amended act.

As per PTI, the Delhi Police has already taken cognisance of the videos and stated that they are currently analysing the videos. The cops have said that they are now trying to identify the men who were seen on the video and will take action against the violators. The video also shows the number plate of the vehicles which were used in the celebration. However, the cops have said that no FIR has been registered in the matter yet and they are still in the process of analysing the videos.

8 people on top of a moving Audi A3 is plain INSANE [Video]

Such stunts on the public roads can turn out be extremely dangerous. The videos show that several men are at the top of the vehicles while the car is in motion. Any sudden acceleration or braking would result in losing the balance and falling from the top of the car. Also, several men are standing on the bonnet, which restricts the view of the driver and can cause accidents. All these actions recorded in the video are highly dangerous, and the people can be booked under dangerous driving law and several others.

Delhi police have been active in the past when it comes to addressing such viral dangerous videos on the Internet. A few weeks back, the cops issued a fine to a person who was using roller skates on the public roads and was getting towed by a car. We hope that the cops take strict action against these miscreants and make a strong example so that such incidents do not happen in the future.

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