50 lakh rupee German Audi vs Indian road: Every sedan owner will relate to this [Video]

Audi A4 Bad Road Featured

Owning expensive cars in India can be a wonderful experience due to their rarity on the road, however, it can be a quite stressful experience too. Indian roads, especially the roads within the city limits are not in the best condition. The authorities carry out repair works or build new roads every now and then unannounced, which can cause a lot of trouble for the local residents. Here is Mumbiker Nikhil, who faced a similar situation and tried getting out his Audi A4 before the road situation becomes worse.

From the video it looks like the road outside his home is getting repaired and to put on the surface, the authorities are increasing the height of the road. The work has been going on for quite a few days outside his home and he wanted to take the vehicle out of the parking so that he can use it regularly. After seeing that the road condition is better than before, he decides to take the vehicle out in the middle of the night with the help of a few friends.

While the whole road looks to be shambles, he decides to try to take the vehicle out cautiously. A few workers who were present at the spot also helped him through the situation. Nikhil decides to take a huge hump on the road as the surface of the road in that direction is better than the opposite side. He then asks for help and gets to know that the JCB cranes will only start working after a few hours in the area.


He then asks his friend to cautiously drive the vehicle while he himself acts as a spotter to ensure that his beloved Audi does not gets damaged. As soon as the vehicle near the huge artificial bumper, the front overhang of the vehicle causes the bumper to almost touch the road surface. He then takes the help of the workers who smoothen out the angle of the road to help the Audi A4 on the bump. Due to the wheelbase of the sedans and low ground clearance, the sedans are prone to beach from the middle on such surfaces but nothing as such happened here as the driver of the vehicle and the spotter acted very carefully. While coming down from it, the front bumper came dangerously close to the road surface but it did not touch.

The bad road surface is one of the biggest challenges faced by the exotic low slung cars in India. Apart from the road works, India is home to numerous illegal speed breakers that are built by the locals to slow down the vehicles. Many of these speed breakers remain unmarked and can cause accidents if a high-speed vehicle driver fails to spot them in time. Also, many of these speed breakers are much taller in size than the permissible limit, which again can cause damage to the vehicles. This is one of the main reasons why most new-generation customers prefer to go for SUVs rather than the sedans or hatchbacks in India.