Audi A6 owner explains why he sold luxury sedan to buy Tata Harrier SUV

Tata is one of the leading car makers in India. They are known for making safer cars for Indian markets. In 2019, Tata launched their 5 seater SUV Harrier in the market. It quickly became popular among buyers for its rugged looks and build quality. An year after the launch, Tata updated the SUV with a BS6 engine and added more features to it. Harrier now competes with cars like MG Hector, Kia Seltos, Hyundai Creta in the segment. Here we have a video where a Tata Harrier owner shared why he sold his Audi A6 luxury sedan and bought Harrier SUV.

The video has been shared by Nick Zeek on his YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger asks the owner why he chose a Tata Harrier after selling his Audi A6. The owner starts by saying that luxury sedans are not meant for Mumbai. The condition of the roads are very bad and every time, some issue was coming in the car. As it started showing problems frequently, it became hard for the owner to maintain and he finally decided to sell his A6 sedan.

After selling the A6, he started looking for an SUV or a rugged looking vehicle which can handle all the rough roads and is suitable for Indian conditions. He had MG Hector, Kia Seltos and Tata Harrier in his list. He talked to many and talked about his requirements which helped him narrow down to Harrier.

The Harrier that he is currently driving is the updated 170 PS version which comes with panoramic sunroof and many other features. The car was offering decent amount of space and features and it also feels very safe in terms of build quality. He had done his research before buying the car and is currently very satisfied with the car.

Audi A6 owner explains why he sold luxury sedan to buy Tata Harrier SUV

He says, when he had the Audi A6, he had to be careful while driving out in rain but, in Harrier, he just slots the car into wet driving mode and enjoys it. Vlogger then asks why he opted for A6 and not any expensive luxury SUV. To this, the owner replies by saying that the pandemic had an important role. Due to the COVID-19 situation in the country, economic condition of individuals have also taken a toll and he wanted a SUV that he can live with on a daily basis and is not too expensive to maintain.

Tata Harrier is based on H5X concept which was showcased at 2018 Auto Expo. Harrier uses a Land Rover D8 derived platform. It offers features like projector headlamps, dual function LED DRLs, drive modes, terrain response system, panoramic sunroof, electrically adjustable driver seats, auto-dimming IRVMs, leather wrapped seats, touchscreen infotainment system, JBL speaker system, multi-function steering wheel, automatic climate control and so on.

It is powered by a 20 litre turbocharged diesel engine that generates 170 Ps and 350 Nm of torque. This engine is offered with both 6-speed manual and 6-speed automatic transmission. Tata is now preparing to launch their micro SUV Punch in the market and it has already been spotted at dealership without any camouflage.

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