Audi Chaiwallas explains why they decided to sell tea from an Audi [Video]

In the past decade, the number of people starting businesses has increased. We now have several young entrepreneurs in the country who own and operate successful businesses. In this age where social media plays a crucial role in people’s lives, businesses have also started seeking its help to move forward. We have seen numerous videos about people coming up with new and innovative business ideas. While many of them share similar ideas, it is the way each of them approaches the idea that makes them different. If you’ve been on social media, you are probably familiar with the person who sells tea from an Audi A6 sedan. In this video, the person explains why and how he started “Audi Chaiwala.”

In the video, we meet Amit Kashyap and Mannu Sharma, who run this unique business. Both of them moved to Mumbai with dreams of starting a business or finding a job, like many others. Amit and Mannu are from Punjab and Haryana, respectively. When they initially shifted to Mumbai, they had many plans; however, most of them did not work out, and they started struggling like others. They were not willing to sit idle and wait for things to turn in their favor. They wanted to do something different, and one day, when they went out for a late-night tea, they couldn’t find a place that would serve them good tea.

It was then that they both came up with the idea to start a tea stall. Initially, it was a joke, but after discussing it, they realized that it was actually a great idea. The duo makes tea in the back of their luxury sedan and sells it for Rs 20 per glass. Both Mannu and Amit came to Mumbai with dreams of starting an acting career. They were not ready to waste time and wanted to improve their connections in the city. In the video, they can be heard saying that almost everyone in Mumbai knows about them now, and many renowned film directors have stopped at their shop for tea.

Audi Chaiwallas explains why they decided to sell tea from an Audi [Video]
Audi Chaiwala

They are not only selling tea from the back of their Audi sedan, but they also allow people to sit inside the luxury car to enjoy the overall experience. Many people buying tea may have never seen the inside of a luxury car before. Audi Chaiwala is trying to offer a unique experience to its customers. Their venture is called ODT or On Drive Tea, with the tagline “Think luxury, drink luxury.” The video of Mannu Singh selling tea from the back of a luxury German sedan caught the attention of people and quickly went viral on the internet.

It was a great marketing strategy, especially considering the fact that there is a tea stall on almost every corner in our country. Tea is a crucial part of the Indian lifestyle, and we consume tea in large quantities every day. This is not the first time we have come across a story like this on the internet. Earlier, a video of a 21-year-old girl selling Pani Puri from a cart attached to a Royal Enfield motorcycle had also gone viral on the internet.