Audi Q8 luxury crossover to go into production by 2017

Audi has just confirmed that it is planning to launch an all-new. top of the line crossover to sit at the very top of its Q range. The new SUV will come with the moniker Q8 and will be going against the likes of BMW X6, Land Rover’s Range Rover and the 2016 Mercedes MLC.

All these are niche crossovers cater to a segment which is all about oodles of  luxury, great on road drive combined with decent off-roading abilities and a commanding street presence. Audi has given the car’s production a green flag and the Q8 will hit the roads globally by 2017.

Audi Q8 luxury crossover to go into production by 2017
A speculative render of the Audi Q8 luxury crossover

Audi big growth plans of the future hinges on its range of luxury crossovers with plans including a 11 luxury SUV line up by 2020. Some of these SUVs will come with the monikers of Q1, Q2, Q4, Q6 and Q8 in addition to the current Q3, Q5 and Q7.

We see a great deal of potential, particularly in the SUV segment and in the especially prestigious full-size category,” is what Mr Rupert Stadtler, the CEO of Audi, said in a recent statement.

The top of the line SUV will be aimed squarely at China, Middle East and United States, where large luxury SUVs are much sought. The level of  luxury offered on the Q8 will be at par with the A8 sedan, with the Q8 getting off roading abilities and adjustable air suspension on top of the line models.

Under the hood will be a range of V6 and V8, petrol and diesel motors. The Q8 is expected to come with a unique design courtesy Audi’s design chief Marc Lichte. The crossover is likely to be styled with a design that is sporty and racy.

A swooping roofline and tapered corners coupled to an angular rear windshield will make this car pretty different from the rest. The Q8 will share a lot of its parts with the second generation Q7 due for a launch later this year and will be more of a stylish cousin of the same.

Audi’s philosophy of keeping the odd numbered Q models (Q1, Q3, Q5 and Q7) as more off road centric and even numbered Q models (Q2, Q4, Q6 and Q8) as sporty, road focused offerings, will come through with the new, flagship Q8 luxury crossover.

Underpinning the Q8 will be Volkswagen’s  modular longitudinal (MLB) architecture in its second generation. Aluminium, thinner-gauge high-strength steel and carbon fibre-reinforced plastic will be the choice of materials for the crossover to keep weight under 2,000 kgs. Expect the Q8 to cost between 1.2-1.5 crore rupees.

Source AutoCar

Image Courtesy CarAndDriver