Audi R8 owner becomes a Swiggy delivery boy and delivers food in his supercar

Sportscar and supercars are now not that rare on Indian roads. Several manufacturers like Lamborghini, Aston Martin have even opened dealerships in India. There are several supercar owner groups in India and we have also seen several videos in which these supercars have been featured. We have seen videos where supercars are seen racing with each other and even normal videos of them driving in a group is also available. Here we have a unique video where an Audi R8 owner is seen delivering food to customers in his supercar.

The video has been uploaded by YPM Vlogs on his YouTube channel. We have seen several videos where owner use their supercars to pick and drop and passengers. Most of the videos of this genre are from foreign countries. Vlogger had a similar idea but, instead of using his car as a taxi, he used it for dropping or delivering food that has been ordered online.

He had done the same experiment before but, then he used his H2 superbike for delivering the food. After that experiment, he said people started asking him to use his Audi R8 supercar for delivery food. He thought that it would be a great idea and did it. Vlogger had an elder person with him in the car and they were both wearing Swiggy t-shirts that Swiggy provides them. He took the car to a fuel station and filled full tank petrol before starting the deliveries.

They logged in and started their duty. After waiting for almost an hour vlogger received and order and he accepted it and started moving towards the restaurant. As he is on a car and not a bike this time, he was finding it a bit hard. He reached the bakery on time and picked up the order and started driving to the address where he was supposed to deliver it.

Audi R8 owner becomes a Swiggy delivery boy and delivers food in his supercar

The place at which the food was supposed to be delivered was not near and it was evening time with several cars on road. It was taking him more time than usual. He finally reached the place and then he encountered another problem. the house where he is supposed to deliver the food has a narrow road and it would be stupid of him if he drives the car into it. So he parked the car outside the alley and walked to deliver the food.

After that, he went back to the market place where he received his second order for the day. It had to be delivered at a nearby place and the vlogger did not even film it properly. Overall, the vlogger successfully delivered both the order and he said although he was being slowed down by the traffic on road, it was much more comfortable than the bike as he was in his car and not in the sun directly.

Audi R8 that the vlogger is using in the video is a powerful car by all means. It is not available in the market anymore but, you’ll find some of them in the used car market. It is powered by a 5.2 litre V10 engine that generates 525 Bhp and 530 Nm of peak toque. It is mated to an automatic gearbox and power is transferred to all the wheels.