What happens when you take Audi R8 supercar off-road?

In the past few years, the number of sports cars in India has increased. This is because of the improved roads and highways. Supercar owners are taking their supercars to morning drives and weekend meetups more. You would always spot a supercar on a highway or on smooth tarmac. Well, here is a video in which a person decided to take his Audi R8 to a bad patch of the road.

The video is uploaded on YouTube by Catch A Mile. In the video, the owner of the Audi R8 is going to Coorg from Bangalore. The vlogger decided to take this road trip in pre-monsoon season. Due to this, the conditions of the roads are very bad as we can see in the video, there is sludge and mud everywhere. The driver shows immense patience while driving the supercar. He stays calm and does not push the accelerator hard. The conditions are bad even for a regular vehicle, it must have been tough for the Audi R8 to go through such roads.

It was a very brave decision by the owner to take a supercar to an unknown place. He says in the video that there were many instances where he thought that the Audi would get stuck in the slush. It was a new experience for him and it must have been terrifying to drive such a multi-crore vehicle through such roads. It is said that the road conditions to Coorg do not remain in the best condition around the year.

What happens when you take Audi R8 supercar off-road?

Audi R8

The R8 was launched as the halo car by Audi. R8 did its job by bringing many new customers to Audi’s dealerships. Yes, they all were not buying the R8 because they could not afford it. However, the manufacturer at that time had an all-new lineup of vehicles to complement the R8. They had similar elements such as the unique LED Daytime Running Lamps, unique paint schemes and you could also get affordable performance vehicles like the S4.

What happens when you take Audi R8 supercar off-road?

R8 has always been a practical vehicle, unlike other sports cars. Where other sports cars were not so reliable and did not have good ground clearance and there was no storage, the R8 came with a decent ground clearance of 160 mm. It had decent storage space in the front trunk and behind the seats.

What also helped in increasing the appeal of the R8 was its futuristic looks. When it was first launched, there was nothing like it on the road. It was sporty, sleek and looked amazing. Audi used big vertical panels behind the doors that they called “side blades”. Customers could get the vehicle in different colours and the side blade could feature a different colour or they could even get it in carbon fibre. Audi R8 has also been the hero car for Iron Man. You can see Robert Downey Jr. driving the R8 in every movie.

What happens when you take Audi R8 supercar off-road?

Finally, there was the performance. Audi offered it with a V8 and a Lamborghini derived V10. You could also get it with a manual gearbox and if you did so then you get a beautiful gated shifter. In its current generation, the Audi R8 produces 602 bhp of max power and a peak torque output of 560 Nm. The sportscar is not on sale in India anymore.

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