Audi to launch A3 hatchback, and 10 other cars in India during 2015

The three German luxury automobile giants, Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz, have been on a launch spree, both internationally and in India. The launch spree seems set to continue in future as well. Audi, which currently is the number 1 luxury car manufacturer in the country, has a busy year ahead. The German automaker has planned no less than 10 new launches in the country next year, which would encompass both refreshes and all new models.

At the higher end of the spectrum, we’ll be getting the next generation Q7 through the CKD route. For the ones who love speed in a compact package, Audi will launch the 2015 TT too through the CBU route. One of the most interesting launch Audi has lined up for the next year is the A3 hatchback. The A3 sedan, the hatchback’s sibling, was launched in the country back in August 2014 and has been a runaway success for the German manufacturer due to attractive pricing for the base variant.

The A3 hatchback is expected to get the same motors as its sedan sibling. A 2.0 liter TDI turbo diesel motor (143 Bhp – 320 Nm) and a 1.8 litre TFSI turbo petrol motor (180 Bhp – 250 Nm) will be the two engines on offer in the A3 hatchback. Joe King, Head, Audi India has remarked,

We had a different strategy by not entering hatchbacks at first and it has paid off. In the Indian market, luxury still means a sedan. Now we are considering the A3 hatchback for India because that makes sense. The A1 does not make immediate sense because it is too small.

Other big ticket launches for Audi in India next year, will be the Q3 Crossover Facelift and the all-new 2015 A4 sedan. Audi will expand its assembly operations at its Aurangabad facility, which has a capability of assembling 14,000 CKD kits. The assembly facility will be expanded to cater to 20,000 CKD kits each year.

Source FinancialExpress