STUCK Audi Q3 towed by tractor: Toyota Fortuner swims through deep flood waters [Video]

Waterlogging is a common problem in many Indian cities, especially during the monsoon season. Recently, many roads around India were flooded due to the rains, which caused many vehicles to get stuck. Getting into the flooded roads can be very dangerous. In the past, few such incidents also turned fatal. Also, if a vehicle stops while crossing a flooded road, it can cause major damage to the vehicle, which may require a lot of money to repair. Here is a video of Toyota Fortuner that enters a flooded road and crosses a stuck Audi Q3 SUV that was getting towed by a tractor.

The video uploaded by Prateek Rathi shows a couple in the new-generation Fortuner who are out on a drive on a rainy day in Gurugram. After some time, they come across a flooded road where all the vehicles were waiting and trying to judge the depth of the water. The couple also waited and were trying to see the water depth of the road by observing a cyclist who was crossing the road. Finally, they decided to go ahead.

While crossing the waterlogged road, one realises the depth of the water. At the deepest point, the water started to come over the bonnet lid, which sure is scary for any car. The video also shows an Audi Q3 being towed by a tractor on the very same road. Since high-performance engines used in cars like Audi draw more air and with higher intensity, they are more likely to get hydro locked compared to the other mass-segment cars. Also, the position of the air intake in the Q3 is closer to the ground compared to the Toyota Fortuner, which makes it difficult to cross such flooded roads.

STUCK Audi Q3 towed by tractor: Toyota Fortuner swims through deep flood waters [Video]

The Toyota Fortuner has a water wading capability of up to 700 mm, which is quite a lot but a lot can go wrong while crossing such waterlogged areas. Since the water came over the bonnet lid for a few seconds, it could have easily entered the air intake of the Fortuner and it could have met the same fate of the Audi Q3. However, luckily it did not. Crossing any waterlogged area or stream without a snorkel can be dangerous for you and the vehicle. There are many who try to restart their vehicles after getting hydro locked. However, that can cause more damage to the vehicle.

Also, water at such a high level means that it has the potential to reach the ECU of the vehicle. Even a few drops sprinkled on the ECU and it can get damaged. An ECU costs a lot of money and is generally not covered under the insurance. That’s why it is always the best idea to avoid such roads and take a safer route. If all the routes are waterlogged, the best way is to wait sometime for the water level to come down or wait for other cars that have similar ground clearance and height as your vehicle to cross the stretch.