Australia jails Indian woman for killing baby after reckless driving

A 32-year old Indian woman who has been living in Australia has been sentenced to jail for over two years. The sentence has come after the woman was found guilty of “wanton disregard of the law.” The woman has led to a car accident which caused a pregnant woman to lose her baby.

Australia jails Indian woman for killing baby after reckless driving

Victim’s car

The woman goes by the name Dimple Grace Thomas, and she is a former nurse and personal care taker. The court has said that she will have to serve 15 months in jail before she gets eligible for the parole and after her release, she will be deported to India.

The woman who left a car park after a gym workout went across the South Gippsland Highway in attempt to enter a gap in the central median to turn right. The court has said that Dimple should have turned left on the highway. Another car which was carrying 28 weeks pregnant Ashlea Allen collided with Dimple’s vehicle at 60 km/h. Allen suffered abdominal pain and was rushed to the hospital. She underwent through emergency cesarean in the hospital to deliver daughter Melarniah. The daughter died two days later.

Dimple’s lawyer argued that she is an inexperienced and nervous car driver. The lawyer told the court that she was confused about the intersection and had thought that car closer to the median was making space for her to turn right on the highway. The judge has found that the intersection was “unambiguous” by design and has made it clear that everyone leaving from that particular parking lot will have to take a mandtory left.

Australia jails Indian woman for killing baby after reckless driving

Dimple has told the court that she has taken a left previously after leaving the parking lot but during that particular trip, she attempted to take a right to save time. She had also sent a few letters to the victim showing remorse, which was accepted by the court.

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