Australian Reviewer Says Mahindra Scorpio-N Is An ‘Affordable Ford Endeavour’

Mahindra launched the all-new Scorpio N in the market last year. Like the XUV700 and many other products from the brand, the Scorpio N also became an instant hit among customers, and there is currently a long waiting period for the same. Mahindra is not only selling the Scorpio N in the domestic market but also exporting it to countries like South Africa and Australia. We have seen many videos in which international motor journalists comment or review Indian-made cars and SUVs. Here, we have a video in which an Australian auto journalist is seen reviewing a Scorpio N 4×4 SUV.

The video has been shared by on their YouTube channel. In this video, the presenter takes the Scorpio N for a drive to talk about the exterior, interior, features, and also the off-road capabilities. The presenter starts by driving the car inside the city and later takes it off-road. While driving through the city, the presenter noticed that the Scorpio N’s engine is not as loud as some other cars in the segment. It felt refined, and although power and torque were less when compared to the competition, it did not feel underpowered. The suspension setup on this SUV is not the best. It gets a suspension setup similar to the Ford Endeavour at the rear; however, the way both vehicles behave is different.

The vlogger mentioned that the Scorpio N felt a lot stiffer while going through rough road sections. It was not uncomfortably stiff; however, it was not soft either. He then speaks about the space and features available with the SUV. It is the shortest SUV in the segment; however, it does offer a decent amount of space. It is one of the tallest SUVs in the segment. The car comes with a touchscreen infotainment system, Sony speaker system, cruise control, dual-zone climate control, electric sunroof, captain seats for rear passengers, and so on.

Australian Reviewer Says Mahindra Scorpio-N Is An ‘Affordable Ford Endeavour’
Mahindra Scorpio N reviewed by Australian journalist

The presenter mentions that he is not very happy with the fact that Mahindra is not offering ADAS features with Scorpio N. He hints that the manufacturer might introduce this in the future. The car also misses on the storage space. There is only one cup holder, and other than that, the space under the armrest is also very small. The third row is extremely cramped, and an adult might not want to sit there. With all three-row seats up, there is no boot space. But, you can always increase the space by simply folding the last row. The steering feels light at low speed and weighs up as the speed increases.

After driving the SUV on the road, the presenter took the SUV off-road. He was very happy with the overall performance of the Scorpio N. He mentioned that this is a family car that can go off-road as well. However, the low approach and departure angles of the Scorpio N will be a problem when the owner takes it for extreme off-roading. The position of the AdBlue tank is also an issue while off-roading. Other than these minor problems, the reviewer liked the Mahindra Scorpio N and calls it a value-for-money product as it is one of the least expensive SUVs in the segment in the Australian market.

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