Auto drivers are superhuman: Here is proof!

Autorickshaw drivers are often related with rash driving and there are several videos available online that prove the same. In most metro cities a rashly driven auto-rickshaw is a very common sight. If you are driving or riding behind an auto-rickshaw, it is highly recommended to maintain a safe distance as many of these drivers are known to make unpredictable moves like taking a U-turn without turn signal, sudden braking and other activities. For these reasons at time, auto drivers are often called superhumans. Here we have a video that proves just that.

The video has been shared All_Drivers_Chunk_Brothers on their Facebook page. The video is actually a CCTV footage. In this video, a private bus can be seen on a narrow road. There are decent number of vehicles on the road and there are motorcycles coming from the opposite side of the road. The bus was moving forward and as it approached a Bus stop, the driver applied brakes.

Meanwhile, there was an autorickshaw right behind the bus. Either bus driver applied brakes suddenly or the auto-rickshaw driver was distracted. By the time, auto driver realised that the bus had stopped, it was too late. It looked like the auto is going to hit the bus and the driver is going to get injured. Surprisingly, the auto-driver did something unimaginable.

He flicked the handle of the auto to the right to avoid collision. One of the rear wheels on the auto went up in the air as it lost balance due to sudden movement. The driver somehow managed to keep the wheel in air without flipping the auto. The driver avoided the crash and landed the auto on the opposite lane. The was a biker behind that auto-rickshaw and we can only imagine how surprised he would have been.

The auto without hitting the bus and after that, the driver took the auto forward. Video does not show whether the auto and bus driver got engaged into an argument over the incident or not. Lucky for the auto driver, there was no vehicle coming against his direction when this happened. If a vehicle would have been coming from the opposite side, auto would have straightaway crashed into the oncoming traffic.

Auto drivers are superhuman: Here is proof!

As the camera was placed at a distance, we are not sure who’s fault it is. It is quite possible that both bus and the auto drivers are at fault. In the video, the bus did not put a turn indicator before stopping and we cannot see the tail lamps glowing as well. The auto driver as usual was carrying too much speed for a narrow road like the one seen in the CCTV footage.

If he was driving slow on the road, it would have given him ample time to brake and could have avoided this situation. Another good thing about the incident is that there was no passenger inside the auto during the time of incident. The way auto driver reacted to avoid the collision is actually commendable and is nothing short of a superhuman act.