Auto Expo 2010: Maruti Suzuki’s new car launches

India’s largest auto manufacturer will showcase a total of 17 vehicles at the upcoming 2010 Auto Expo, beginning on 5th January, 2010 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

Update: Latest launches from the 2010 Auto Expo. (click the link!)

We are bringing you the full list of Maruti Suzuki’s new car / vehicle launches, concept vehicles, show cars and existing portfolio here. Most of the 17 cars will be existing cars which include diesels and petrols, dual fuels, and then some concept cars plus the EECO, Concept RIII MPV.


Maruti Concept R3 unveiled

Suzuki Kizashi at Rs 12.5 lakhs

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Small car launches at Auto Expo 2010

While many automobile companies are planning to launch their new production or concept small cars at the Auto Expo 2010, the king of the hill has no plans for any new small car launches. The Nissan Micra, Toyota Etios and Honda small car all will make an appearance at the Expo. Not to mention the Volkswagen Polo, the company’s big push into the small car market in India.

Maruti Suzuki EECO at Auto Expo 2010

The Maruti Suzuki EECO will be the replacement for the Versa – which failed to capture any market after its launch. We think this is the Suzuki APV which we talked about earlier – or this could be the entirely new Suzuki APV, just being launched in a new name. The EECO will have five and seven seater options, and the car would be positioned in the C-segment. Price of the EECO is expected to be above Rs 4 lakhs. This might work very well as a spacious five seater vehicle for small families, which do not really need a Mahindra Xylo or Toyota Innova. The 1196 cc engine petrol engine produces 73 bhp and offers a maximum torque of 101 Nm at 3000 rpm. Hopefully, Maruti has learned a few lessons, and we would see a good response to the EECO at the Auto Expo 2010. We do not have any photos of the EECO right now. Pretty unremarkable looks, from what we can make out from a few fuzzy spy photos.

Maruti Suzuki Concept RIII MPV at Auto Expo 2010

This one was a surprise – Maruti Suzuki announced that they would be holding a world premier of a new concept MPV at the Auto Expo 2010. Named Concept RIII, this new six-seater MPV would probably take more than an year to get into production. Considering that this is an MPV, and that the EECO is also technically an MPV – and Maruti calls the Concept RIII a compact MPV – some think that they are the same. Or, the Concept RIII’s production version would replace the EECO when it finally launches. We are frankly a bit confused about this here. AutoCar India says that this would likely be a moncoque. Nobody has seen what the Concept RIII looks like, so no photos of this either.

Suzuki Kizashi

Auto Expo 2010: Maruti Suzuki’s new car launches
Suzuki Kizashi launch at Auto Expo in Jan 2010

Suzuki Kizashi would come to the Auto Expo 2010, everyone seems pretty sure about that. A launch, not so much. Sure, Maruti would like to enter the luxury D-segment in India, but considering the market’s reluctance to buy anything from Maruti that costs more than the SX4, a quick launch is unlikely. The Suzuki Kizashi however would be on display, and we think Maruti will use the occasion to collect feedback on whether there really is a market for such a car from them in India. Reviews of the Kizashi were positive after the car was launched in the US; but Maruti would probably like to be very sure this time. If it comes, it will be a petrol, and will battle it out with Camrys and Accords.

Suzuki SX4 hatchback

No launch is likely, but the Suzuki SX4 hatchback would be on display. Worldwide, the SX4 is sold as a hatch more than a sedan. However, large hatchbacks are not exactly the favourite of the Indian market – just see the example of the Honda Jazz – so it is likely that this car would not be launched at the Auto Expo 2010. The company recently launched the SX4 automatic in India.


Popular small car, no new launch here.

Zen Estilo

Production car. Will be on display


Production car. Will be on display.

Grand Vitara

Production SUV. Low sales, sadly. Will be part of the pavilion.


Bread and butter car – will be on display.