Auto-Rickshaw bought for Rs 26,000 a week ago gets FINED Rs 47,500 under new MV Act

The MV Act amendment, which has come into effect from 1st September 2019 has affected a lot of people who do not comply with the rules. There are several challan receipts have become viral on the Internet showing exorbitant fine amounts imposed by the cops. A similar story from Odisha has come into light where an autorickshaw driver has been fined for a massive Rs 47,500.

The autorickshaw driver, who was stopped by the cops while he was on duty was issued a massive Rs 47,500 challan by the cops. The driver was fined for various offences. The cops on duty issued a fined for drunk driving – Rs 10,000, air/noise pollution violation – Rs 10,000, Not having a permit to operate the autorickshaw – Rs 10,000, driving without license Rs 5,000, Plying without insurance – Rs 2,000, and General offence Rs 500. The total comes out to be a massive Rs 47,500.

The autorickshaw driver did not have to pay the fine amount on the spot. Instead, he has to go to Chandrashekhar Testing Track submit the challan amount. The offence happened in Achrya Vihar. The name of the driver is Hari Bandhu Kanhar. The driver said that he bought the autorickshaw only a week back and paid Rs 26,000 for it. It is not known if he transferred the vehicle to his name on the documents.

After the new MV Act came into effect on 1st September, traffic cops have issued fines, which is higher than the value of the vehicle. It is not known what will happen if the owner cannot pay the fine amount. Of course, the vehicle will be seized but it is not clear how the authorities will recover the rest of the amount. In Gurugram, an Activa rider was issued a fine of Rs 23,000. The rider claims that the value of the scooter is only Rs 15,000. There is no capping on the fine amounts under the MV Act. If the motorist has broken the law on multiple counts, the fine will be accumulated. Also, the vehicle owners do not have to pay the fines on the spot. Instead, they will have to go to the court and pay the fine. It is also not known what will happen to the people travelling through a different state. Such people would not be able to pay the fines on the spot and will have to go to the court.

Auto-Rickshaw bought for Rs 26,000 a week ago gets FINED Rs 47,500 under new MV Act

There are five states in India who have not implemented the new MV Act. Rajasthan, West Bengal, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab have opposed the new rules. According to these states, the fine amount is too high and in the long term, it will only give rise to corruption. It should be noted that the new laws were implemented to bring down the number of crimes on the public roads and decrease the number of accidents.

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