Autologue Design’s finished Avenger Bruise looks very similar to the Harley Davidson Street

If you can’t afford a Harley, you buy a Bajaj and send it over to Autologue Design for them to work their magic. While Autologue Design did show how the Avenger could be made to look like a Harley Davidson Street through a render, the real deal is now out in the open. This is the first Avenger that gets the Harley Davidson lookalike mod-kit from Autologue, and boy does it look similar to the much more expensive Harley.

Avenger Autologue Bruise Kit 1

The conversion kit from Autologue consists of a bunch of bolt-on parts such as the headlamp cowl, the engine shroud, the seat and the tail kit. The bike shown in the pictures doesn’t have a tail kit yet, as the owner wants to keep the functionality if the twin seat intact.

However, for those who can live with a single seat Avenger, the tail-kit is that detailing bit that makes the Bajaj bike super similar to the Harley. Coming to the pricing, Autologue charges about 15,000 rupees for the entire kit. While the Autologue Avenger 220 may look like a Harley, it’ll still be a long way behind in terms of performance.

While the Avenger is powered by a 220 cc air cooled, single cylinder engine that makes 19 Bhp-17 Nm, the Harley Davidson Street features a 750 cc, liquid cooled twin cylinder motor that makes about 47 Bhp-65 Nm. The difference is performance between the 2 bikes – as these figures would indicate – is stark.

Autologue Design Bajaj Avenger Harley Conversion 2

The Avenger takes more than 12 seconds to hit 100 Kph from standstill. The Harley will do it in under 7 seconds. Top speed of the Avenger? About 125 Kph. The Harley will hit about 170 Kph. Needless to say, the Avenger 220 with the Autologue ‘Bruiser’ kit is the poor man’s Harley. Buy one if looks count more than performance. For the latter, there’s nothing better than the real deal.

Harley Davidson Street 750

Images courtesy AutologueDesign