Automatic braking (ADAS) in new SUV causes accident: Owner posts pics & shares experience

With the advancement of technology, many new affordable vehicles in India have started offering technologies like Autonomous Driver Assistance Systems or ADAS. There are many vehicles including the MG Astor, Mahindra XUV700, Honda City e:HEV, MG ZS EV and Hyundai Tucson that offer Level 2 ADAS in India. However, many have been complaining about the accidents caused by ADAS. Here is a Hyundai Tucson owner who has shared his experience.

Automatic braking (ADAS) in new SUV causes accident: Owner posts pics & shares experience

T-BHP member abtyagi has shared his experience on the forum and has talked about how the accident happened because of ADAS. As per the owner, he was driving the car near ITO, Delhi during the morning rush hour. A car in the next lane came too close to Tucson. The ADAS came into play and applied Autonomous Emergency Braking or AEB. The sudden brakes caused another vehicle to hit the Tucson from the rear end. The pictures show the damage to the rear end of the vehicle.

While the ADAS cars including the Hyundai Tucson gives out audio and visual warning warning before applying the brakes, new owners may find it too overwhelming, especially in the dense traffic situations like in India where no one follows the rules.

Not the first ADAS accident

In the past, many have complained about accidents and problems caused by ADAS. Such accidents are mainly caused by the owners not responding to the warnings quickly enough. Since it is a new technology, the car manufacturers should give proper training to the car drivers and owners of the vehicles with ADAS.

ADAS is meant to reduce the accidents and crashes, however in places like India where the lane markings are not proper and most people do not follow the traffic rules, ADAS can be tricky to use. It is always advisable for the new car with ADAS to turn off the system while driving through the city roads during peak traffic hours.

Stunts using ADAS

While people are complaining about the accidents caused by ADAS, there are many others who are misusing the technology for danagerous stunts. A video was uploaded by the owner of the Mahindra XUV700 on his Instagram account but it has been deleted now. It shows the car on a single-lane highway. There is no driver on the seat of the car as the vehicle moves ahead. We are not sure about the speed of the car but it sure is a dangerous stunt.

Such driving can be dangerous on public roads. While many countries have rules for autonomous cars, there are no such rules in India yet. We hope that with the growing breed of such autonomous and semi-autonomous cars on Indian roads, the government will make new laws to address the problems.

There is no car in the world sold to the public that is fully autonomous. Even with technology companies like Alphabet spending millions of dollars on autonomous systems, it is still in its novice stage and will require at least a decade to become safer and fully operational on public roads.