Automotive Jugaads of India – A Compilation

The Indian word jugaad is known world over. Jugaad roughly translates into an ‘innovative idea of making something work’. India is known as the land of jugaad. Here are 70 examples.


Even though bullocks may look inexpensive, they are not. This guy found a bright way of replacing the bull from the cart and use the motorcycle instead. The motorcycle is faster, and also does not disobey you!

This bull replacing motorcycle hands-down is a good idea. The motorcycle does not require as much maintenance, space or care! Also, you don’t need to carry food for your animal everywhere.


Car seats are very important, right? What if the seats are ruined somehow, and you still need to drive the car around while waiting for replacement seats? Simple, use a plastic chair instead. They are good and sturdy, but not as safe!


What is bare minimum needed to make an automobile? A seat, a chassis, an engine and some fuel in it. Well, here is a perfect example for a bare minimum automobile!


In rural areas, the two-wheeler becomes the line-line of a family, and a part of the daily work routine. Here is a family seen on the motorcycle with fodder on the back seat and the lady sitting on the fodder. Not very safe, but does the job!


Weight-loss job? Tank got a hole in it and can’t repair? Want a more precise vision of the level of fuel in the tank? This modification job serves the purpose. The transparent plastic bottle instead of the steel tank is a good mod job, but is a fire hazard for sure.


If you have a generator and it needs to move around a lot, why bother dragging it? Convert it into a scooter! Seen here is an example of the brilliance of the creator who has attached a scooter in front of a generator. Now the generator can supply power to the rear wheel or produce electricity as per your need.


India does have laws of overloading but enforcement is lax. Here, a trader of plastic chairs is transporting a tower of chairs. He even has a helping hand sitting on the top of a stack. Wonder how the view will be from up there.


Trolley bags are pretty handy when your luggage becomes excessively heavy. But they can also serve as a space for luggage while travelling on a scooter. Seen here is an example of two ladies dragging a trolley bag through the streets of some Indian city.


Akrapovic, what? We Indians believe in make-in-India and here is the perfect sound enhancer. The loudspeaker has been fused to the Pulsar’s exhaust, and the result must be devastating.

The Safari makes itself quite useful in a way that we did not know. This video above opened our eyes to the many uses of this legendary SUV.