Autorickshaw drag race video in Hyderabad goes viral: Police arrest the racers

Autorickshaw drivers were caught on camera while racing against each other in Hyderabad. The incident happened on Thursday night between Santosh Nagar Pisal Banda crossroad to Chandrayangutta crossroad. The incidents of drag racing were captured by different cameras and the videos have now become viral.

Locals claim that similar autorickshaw races take place every night. The racers create chaos in the neighbourhood roads. Unconfirmed reports also suggest betting is involved in drag racing.

The videos of the incident were posted by the public on the Internet platforms, which have now become viral. The Chandryangutta Police swung into action to catch the violators. The police have arrested six drivers until now.

The cops studied the CCTV footage to identify the autorickshaws. The accused are all residents of Towlichowki and have been identified as well.

The arrested drivers used to take the rickshaws on rent. They performed dangerous stunts and used to race on the public roads as well. The police action comes after the public demand against such auto drivers. The police have arrested six drivers and are looking for more. Many of the autorickshaws participating in the races have pending challans and violations.

Professional Autorickshaw racing events

In Sri Lanka, there are events where autorickshaw drivers participate in professional racing. There are many new videos that show dedicated tracks built for autorickshaw racing.

They are many professional autorickshaw drivers who participate in such events. In India, however, motor racing is frowned upon. After the arrival of Formula1 in India, the government did not support motorsport and since then India’s only Formula1 rated track remains unused for the purpose.

Challans through CCTV

Autorickshaw drag race video in Hyderabad goes viral: Police arrest the racers

With the arrival of digital challan systems, the cops are much more vigilant nowadays. The police departments have started accepting digital evidence like photographs and videos of the incidents. Even though the influencer girl was not using a vehicle, she was disrupting the traffic and that is breaking the law.

Most metropolitan cities now have a network of CCTV that is closely monitored by a team of police personnel. The police issue challan based on the violation by tracking the registration number.

Such incidents becoming viral means that more people get inspired to do such stunts on the public roads. One should always ensure that such stunts should always be done with utmost care and expert help. While we see such things online and on television, they are done with highly trained professionals who use safety harnesses, in case anything goes wrong. Without these safety nets, one can get seriously injured.

The police have started sending challans online so they do not need any physical presence at the time of the incident. A small clip of the violation or even CCTV footage is enough evidence for the cops to book you.