Autorickshaw hits Renault Kwid: Car loses control and hits a shop [Video]

Careless driving and lack of discipline are the two major reasons for accidents in India. This accident captured on CCTV exactly shows how carelessness can cause accidents. The footage from Bharath Vision shows a road in Kerala where an autorickshaw driver caused an accident.

The video shows autorickshaws parked facing the road. It is a common sight in India where such vehicles hog the road space. In the video, one of the drivers takes out his autorickshaw to take a right turn. That’s when a Renault Kwid enters the video.

As the Kwid driver could not anticipate the autorickshaw coming out suddenly, he could not avoid getting hit by it. The driver of the auto realised that he won’t be able to clear the Kwid and complete his turn so he stopped at the same spot. The side rear of the Kwid got hit by the auto and it destabilised the whole vehicle.

The video shows the rear tyre of the Kwid in the air as it skids and loses control. The uncontrolled vehicle finally took a left turn and hit a shop. Even though it is a busy road, no one got injured. There were pedestrians and other vehicles as well but the Kwid luckily missed all of them. In the video, both the airbags of the Kwid are open. It seems like there were no injuries to the passengers of the car and everyone came out safely.

Driving through the city roads

While the highways cause the most fatal accidents, it is the city roads where most accidents happen anyway. That is because most people do not follow the rules or overlook other vehicles. In this case, the auto driver may have missed looking at the car before starting and jumping on the way of the Kwid. As other autorickshaws were parked alongside, the view seems to be blocked.

Similarly, the Kwid driver could not see the auto moving in time because of the other autorickshaws that blocked the view completely. It is necessary to always check for traffic before getting onto the roads but the auto driver clearly missed doing that.

There should have been a helper or someone who could have guided the autorickshaw to come out when it is safe. But most of these autorickshaw drivers operate the vehicle alone and dangerously. Do you think the Kwid driver could have missed hitting the autorickshaw? Well, no one anticipates such reckless moves but in India, one needs to be extra careful while passing such spaces and vehicles that are parked on the roads. Not only autorickshaws, but even private cars also make such moves and it is quite common to see such things happening on the roads.

Shantonil Nag

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