All-new Jawa 42 & Classic: Hear the exhaust note [Video]

Jawa has made a comeback in the Indian market in an all-new form. The brand has launched three all-new bikes and of them get the same engine while the Perak gets a bigger bored engine Here is how the all-new Jawa bikes sound like.

The video shows the Jawa line-up getting ready for the official media test-drives in which the CarToq team is present too. The video shows how a four-stroke engine with dual-exhaust sounds on the Jawa bikes. Even though the engine is exactly similar to the Mahindra Mojo, the exhaust note is quite different. Jawa has tried to recreate the original two-stroke sound of the Jawa bikes and the low-end idling sound of the bike gets a thick note. However, at higher RPMs, the engine sound becomes anything like the most regular bikes. The dual exhaust set-up of the Jawa bike helps it to remain somewhat distinguished.

Jawa has announced that the motorcycles are starting to reach the dealerships and the official test rides would begin on 15th December this year. The Jawa Classic and Jawa 42 iterations are powered by the same 293cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine that is available with the Mahindra Mojo too. The engine produces a maximum of 27 Bhp and 28 Nm. The Perak, which is a higher powered bike gets a bigger bore set-up on the same engine. It gets a 334cc, single-cylinder unit that produces a maximum of 31 Bhp and 32 Nm. All the three bikes are paired to a six-speed manual transmission. The engine is Bharat Stage 6 ready, which means it is quite advanced and can be upgraded to meet the new emission norms whenever needed. All the three bikes get fuel-injection as standard.

It should be noted that only Jawa 42 is present at the media test drives. Initially, Jawa would only offer the Classic and the 42 in the market. However, at a later stage, the Perak would be made available in the market too. The Jawa 42 is priced at Rs. 1.55 lakh while the Jawa Classic is priced at Rs. 1.64 lakhs. The Perak, which will be available at a later stage is priced at Rs. 1.89 lakhs.

All-new Jawa 42 & Classic: Hear the exhaust note [Video]

All the three bikes use telescopic front forks but the Perak gets a mono-shock in the rear, which gives it the signature Bobber look. The other two bikes get the regular twin-shock set-up in the rear. The Jawa Classic and 42 models get front disc brake and single-channel ABS as standard while the Perak gets disc brakes on both the wheels and dual-channel ABS as standard

Classic Legends, the owner of Jawa brand in India will set-up 105 dealerships of the brand across India. Jawa has already started taking official bookings for the bikes and the deliveries are expected to happen by late January 2019. The bikes are being produced at the Pithampur factory in Madhya Pradesh.

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