B-Tech youth puts bike, gas cylinder in front of train to gain YouTube views: ARRESTED

In a bid to gain more gains on the views and earn more money from the videos, people have started doing extreme things on the Internet. Kongara Remireddy, a B Tech graduate from Chellore, Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh did something peculiar that got him arrested right away. The videos were recorded in the Chittoor district’s railway junction limits.

B-Tech youth puts bike, gas cylinder in front of train to gain YouTube views: ARRESTED

The engineer uploaded videos on his YouTube channel with objects vegetables, fruits, pieces of chicken, toys, crackers, cycle chain among other to gain more views on YouTube. He recently put his motorcycle and an LPG cylinder on the railway track to record videos. After the videos became viral, the cops tracked him down using the registration details of the bike that he used on the railway track.

The police have arrested him and have also registered a case under sections 153 (Endangering the safety of persons travelling by railway by willful act or omission) and 143 (trespass of Railways) of Railways Act, 1989. The B Tech graduate got inspired by other YouTube videos on the Internet and doing similar stunts to gain publicity. The videos on his channels went viral, which is how the cops got to know about the incident and started looking for the youth. The police earlier received complaints from the locomotive drivers about similar incidents but they could not find any evidence. However, after the videos became viral, they were able to track down the youth.

The accused used the motorcycle on the train tracks to gain more views. However, the videos have been removed from the channel now. Also, the cops have said that the bike was removed before the train approached the spot. But the registration details of the motorcycle helped the police to catch him. His video of an LPG cylinder getting hit by the train and it flying off can be found out in several other channels. It is not known if the gas cylinder that got hit by the train was empty. Luckily, the impact did not make the cylinder, else, there could have been an explosion.

The railway track safety in India is not as strict as it should be. There are still many crossings where vehicles regularly get stuck and get saved by a few inches. There are a lot of accidents where people rush to cross the railway track in a bid to save time. It is quite dangerous to do such acts on the railway tracks and putting objects in front of the train. Objects getting hit by the train can fly at high speed and can hurt people around. One should always be extremely cautious when the train approaches a crossing as the trains take a long distance to come to a complete stop due to high momentum.

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