This Bajaj Avenger wants to be a Harley Davidson [Video]

When we talk of bike modification in India, the most common conversion types are cruisers and cafe racers. This is because they stand out and are big head turners. Also, they are mostly easier to create than say a scrambler or supermoto.

In past we have brought you various videos that show modification of stock motorcycles into cool looking cruisers. In the same chain, we today bring you another video which shows a Bajaj Avenger converted into a classic crusier. Let’s take a look at the video before getting into details. This video is courtesy Vishesh Gupta.


As seen in the video, the Avenger has been tuned into a stretched cruiser that looks good. The exact bike used for this modification is a Bajaj Avenger 220. All of the changes made are only aesthetic in nature and the engine etc has not been meddled with. Starting from the front, the bike gets a new circular headlamp which is fitted with a HID bulb. The suspension is the same but its outer casing has been made beefier in order to match the overall look. There are dual discs placed on the front end, but only one of them is a functional piece.

Moving on, the handlebars are typical cruiser styled wild units and most of the switch gear has been retained. There is a huge stretched out tank ending toward a single piece saddle. There are huge engine covers placed on the bike to mimic the V-twin engine design of Harley Davidson motorcycles. The tail light is incorporated into the seat itself. The whole body has been made on a similar theme with large amount of cladding in many places.

This Bajaj Avenger wants to be a Harley Davidson [Video]

Noteworthy feature of this modification are the tyres used on the bike. The front tyre is a 170 mm unit while the rear tyre is a humongous 240 mm unit. While this looks very cool, it seriously affects the maneuverability too. The front and rear rims are red painted two spoke pieces which go well with the overall look of the motorcycle. The bike has been equipped with quad exhaust tips and while it has not been mentioned which of them are working ones, they add up to the overall butch look of the bike.

These types of modifications do look good and are head turners too, but come with many drawbacks. Chief among them is the problem of engine cooling. The whole lot of cladding covers the engine and hampers effective cooling of engine, which in turn can damage the engine components in the long run. It is also quite evident to even the general public that the big cladding used on the engine is a faux engine cover. Lastly, these types of modifications are a hit with cops as they immediately stop such bikes and fine them. Such modifications are illegal India, and hence the trouble. However, this does not mean that it is not worth it and the effort which has been put on to the modification is laudable.