Bajaj Bruzer CNG Launching On June 18th: All You Need To Know About India’s 1st CNG Bike

Bajaj Bruzer

Bajaj recently launched the most awaited product of the year, the Pulsar NS 400Z. It is the largest Pulsar ever and is launched at an attractive price. It is, in fact, the most affordable 400-cc motorcycle one can buy in India. Following the Pulsar NS 400Z, Bajaj is now gearing up to introduce another revolutionary product. They have been working on India’s first CNG bike for a very long time. It is not just the first CNG bike in India but in the world. We now have reports that Bajaj will be launching the new CNG motorcycle in the market on June 18, 2024. Here is all that we know about the upcoming CNG motorcycle from Bajaj.


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The upcoming motorcycle from Bajaj is expected to be called the Bruzer. The motorcycle has been spotted testing several times. From the design, it is quite clear that it is not a performance-oriented machine. It is most likely to be a commuter segment motorcycle which will use a 110-cc engine. There is also a possibility that the Bruzer might use a 125-cc engine.

We have seen a power drop in CNG cars compared to the petrol versions. It needs to be seen if the motorcycle will generate less power and torque compared to other 110-cc motorcycles in the segment. We expect Bajaj to tune the engine in such a manner that there is minimum power loss and it is peppy enough to be driven in the city. As this is a commuter segment motorcycle, fuel efficiency is a major factor and the Bruzer is expected to deliver on that front.

Bajaj Bruzer CNG Launching On June 18th: All You Need To Know About India’s 1st CNG Bike
Bajaj Bruzer

Most of the spy shots available online show a fully camouflaged motorcycle. If you look carefully, you can figure out a few details. The motorcycle gets an extremely long single-piece seat. It is designed in such a manner that it wraps around the tank.

The CNG motorcycle will have a petrol tank, but it is expected to be smaller in capacity. We are assuming that Bajaj has made this change to make space for the CNG cylinder or cylinders. It looks like the CNG tank on this motorcycle is also neatly integrated under the tank.

One can easily switch between CNG and petrol modes just like in cars. It needs to be seen if this process is automatic or manual (probably manual to keep the cost low). By keeping the CNG cylinder under the tank and above the engine, the manufacturer can achieve a cleaner look.

Bajaj Bruzer CNG Launching On June 18th: All You Need To Know About India’s 1st CNG Bike
Bajaj Bruzer seat

Do not expect the Bruzer to be a sporty-looking motorcycle. Practicality is going to be the priority here. Bajaj might have considered function over the form here. We will get a clear picture of the motorcycle on June 18th when it gets launched.

From the pictures available online, the upcoming Bajaj Bruzer doesn’t look like a tall motorcycle. The motorcycle gets a round LED headlamp, a fully digital instrument cluster, a raised handlebar, and knuckle guards for rider protection. The mid-set foot peg along with the raised handlebar is expected to offer an upright riding posture. The fully digital instrument cluster will have a gauge that shows the level of both petrol and CNG in the bike.

The motorcycle gets a telescopic front suspension and a monoshock at the rear. The motorcycle will have disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear. The engine area is finished in matte black, and the exhaust is similar to what we have seen in many other commuter motorcycles like the Platina 110 from Bajaj. Bajaj might offer a lower variant with drum brakes just like the Platina.

With the new CNG cylinder in place, the upcoming motorcycle is expected to be on the heavier side compared to other 110 cc motorcycles in the segment. Hopefully, Bajaj has balanced the weight in such a manner that it doesn’t affect the handling and ride quality.

Bajaj Bruzer CNG Launching On June 18th: All You Need To Know About India’s 1st CNG Bike
Bajaj Bruzer headlamp & wheels

As we do not have any other manufacturer in the CNG two-wheeler space, Bajaj has a great opportunity at hand. They are expected to price the motorcycle very competitively. The upcoming Bajaj Bruzer is expected to be priced around the Rs 80,000 mark. Prices of CNG in India are lower than petrol in most states, and they are more efficient too.

The upcoming Bajaj Bruzer can be a perfect companion for those who are looking for a commuter motorcycle for city use that is extremely fuel-efficient and also has lower running costs. It is also going to be a low on emissions when compared to a regular petrol motorcycle. Bajaj is all set to revolutionize the motorcycle segment with this new product as no other manufacturer in the world has a product like this in their lineup.