Bajaj Chetak in front, cycle in the back: 15 year old modifies cycle to travel India

In the past we have seen several examples of modified motorcycle, scooters and cars from different parts of India. They all are unique in their ow ways. Some modify it to give it an entirely different look whereas some modifications are meant for making it more comfortable for a road trip. We have featured several modification videos in the past. We have even seen Youtubers making miniature models of car and bikes. Here we have a video of a 15 year old, who has modified his bicycle in a very unique way. What is so unique about this modification? Let’s take a look at the video to find out.

The video of this unique looking bicycle has been shared on a Facebook group. The video starts with the voice of the vlogger saying that he has seen a very unique thing on the road today. As he is speaking, a yellow colour Chetak scooter approaches near him. Aadith, a 15 year old child is actually riding it and he stops right in front of the vlogger. The vlogger then asks why is he not wearing a helmet and he saying he doesn’t need one.

Then the reason why he doesn’t need a helmet is revealed. The Chetak scooter that he is riding is actually not a scooter. It is actually a bicycle with scooter front end joined to it. From a distance, it looks like  a Bajaj Chetak only. It is only when you have a look at the side profile, one gets to know that it is a bicycle. The child who was riding the cycle even mentioned that on road people have shows interest in this cycle and on the day, when the vlogger had shot this video, he was stopped by cops at three places as they thought he was actually riding a scooter.

Bajaj Chetak in front, cycle in the back: 15 year old modifies cycle to travel India

After realising what had actually happened the cops let him go. Aadith is a 15 year old child and has a soft corner for Bajaj Chetak scooters. He says that, his father and other relatives used to own one and he used to love that scooter. Even for many of us. Bajaj Chetak might have been the first scooter and many of us might even have learned how to ride a two wheeler on it.

As Aadith is only 15 years old, he cannot legally ride a two wheeler. So he came up with this idea of attaching the front end of a Chetak to his bicycle. He has named this new Chetak + Cycle modification as ‘Checy’ and has painted it in yellow colour. He is planning to go on an all-India trip on this Chetak cycle and he is planning to installed an electric motor which will help him during long rides. The main attraction of this modification is definitely the front end. He even says that once he is 18, he will buy a two wheeler for himself and that would be Bajaj Chetak only. Aadith mentions that he cycling for over 5 hours and has covered over 54 kilometers in it. In this video, Aadith’s love for Bajaj Chetak was very much visible and the Checy as he calls his creation looks unoque too.