Watch India’s WILDEST Bajaj Chetak scooter in action [Video]

While modifications are not very popular in India, there are many mad looking modifications from around the country. This modified Bajaj Chetak from Punjab shows us how creative people can become when it comes to modifications in India. The scooter has been modified in reverse trike form and it looks great in the visuals.

Another video also shows that the modified scooter works perfectly. The design of the reverse trike is rather simple. It gets metal linkages that move the wheels in the same direction. The whole system is connected to the handle that can be used to move around the wheel to turn. It does increase the turning radius of the scooter. Also, we cannot locate the suspension in the front. It is quite possible that the modification job did not include any suspension due to the complexity.

One of the most eye catchy features of this modification job is the size of the tyres. The scooter gets badass, big tyres that are used by small trucks! The tyres make the scooter eye-catching. The rest of the scooter remains untouched mechanically. However, a new paint job on the whole body and features like smoked headlamp make the Bajaj Chetak look quite good.

Even though the scooter looks quite good and attractive, it is not road legal. Any modification to the structure of the vehicle is not allowed and this one gets some heavy modifications at the front. Reverse trikes are also quite different to ride when compared to two-wheelers as they negate the effects of counter-steering, which makes it different for the two-wheeler riders.

The addition of the large tyres also makes the steering heavy and it requires more power to turn the front wheels. Also, the turning radius has increased by quite a much. Even though this scooter is not road legal, such modifications can be thoroughly enjoyed at private properties like race tracks or farmhouses.

Watch India’s WILDEST Bajaj Chetak scooter in action [Video]

Vehicle modifications in India have a lot of enthusiastic followers but the strict law does not allow any kind of alterations to the vehicles. For a modified vehicle to be road-worthy, it has to go through ARAI certification, which is quite difficult to get. Even for the extra accessories or body colour change, an endorsement on the Registration Certificate from the local is required.

The Supreme Court of India has passed a law which makes any kind of modification illegal in India. Many off-roading vehicle users have protested against the move but nothing has come out of it yet. Also, the Supreme Court has not specified what kind of modifications are illegal so cops have not started taking actions yet. However, the cops have been cracking down on the loud exhausts in every corner of the country for a long time now. It would not be long before the cops start to take down modified vehicles in the market too.

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