Bajaj Dominar 400 converted to Suzuki Hayabusa replica at fraction of a cost

While the Suzuki Hayabusa remains one of the most recognisable superbikes in India and has a big fan following, the extremely high cost of the bike keeps it out of reach of many. To overcome the problem, many turn to the replica models based on regular bikes. There are quite a few examples of the Suzuki Hayabusa replica models based on the regular, mass-segment bikes in India. Here is another one, which is based on the Dominar 400 and it looks quite good.

The video by MACK RIDER shows the half conversion process too. The video shows the bike in semi transformed form at a roadside mechanic. After stripping off the Dominar 400 of its stock panels, custom body panels are added to it. The custom body panels are made to look exactly the same as the panels of the Hayabusa. The stock fuel tank is also used but after removing the outer cover of the tank. A new custom tank cover, which looks like the replica model of the original Hayabusa is then added to give the complete look. According to the need of the customer and the preference, the bike’s chassis is also modified to extend the wheelbase and to make the bike look longer. Suzuki Hayabusa is a sport-touring motorcycle and offers a long wheelbase, which makes it very stable on the straight lines. Incidentally, the Bajaj Dominar is also an entry-level sport touring motorcycle.

To add an original look to the transformed job, the alloy wheels are upgraded to hold larger and fatter tyres. The rear swingarm is modified to allow the placement of a larger tyre. The front suspension is also updated to the original ones or similar-looking one. According to the video, the bike shown in the video also gets original handlebar. Such OEM equipment ensures that the bike looks as close to the original product as possible. Even the instrument console looks like the real one and comes complete with the logos in place.

The final transformed bike also gets one-into-two exhaust system, which is similar to the original Hayabusa and there are similar exhaust mufflers too. At the rear, the bike gets all-LED tail lamps and even the headlamps are similar to the original bike.

Bajaj Dominar 400 converted to Suzuki Hayabusa replica at fraction of a cost

The real difference comes in the power, exhaust note and performance. Since the Dominar or any other mass segment bikes are powered by a single-cylinder engine, the performance of the replica bike can never be similar to the original one. Yes, the exhaust note can be changed by using various methods but to replicate the original in-line engine sound is impossible on a single-cylinder bike. Nonetheless, it sure will turn a number of heads on the roads when it passes through and will even entice the people who are a fan of the bike but do not know much about it!