Bajaj Dominar 400 rider barely escapes nasty accident at high speed, caught on video

The Bajaj Dominar is a powerful, sporty motorcycle that can do some really high speeds. It also has optional ABS, a safety feature that has saved many lives of Dominar riders. Here is one such high-speed run where the Dominar’s ABS literally saved a biker. Here, watch if for yourself.

As the video indicates, the biker is doing some really high-speeds on a crowded Indian highway, where there are plenty of moving obstacles and even stationary ones, in this case parked trucks. The biker, despite having a pillion, is doing about 140 Kph – a very dangerous speed that can kill.

Suddenly, a man standing near a parked truck decides to dart across the road. The biker grabs the brakes and shaves about 30 Kph instantly, just missing the idiot pedestrian. This very close call shows how dangerous riding at high speeds can be on Indian roads.

Grabbing brakes at such high-speed on a non-abs equipped bike would have surely locked the wheels, leading to an uncontrollable skid. And with so many obstacles around, the Dominar rider and pillion could have ended up in very bad shape if not for ABS bailing them out.

This is exactly the reason why buying an ABS equipped motorcycle is important. The technology is a life saver and opt for it whenever you can. Between a ABS and a non-ABS motorcycle, always pick the ABS equipped one, for your own safety.

How does ABS work?

ABS, an acronym for anti-lock braking system, works by modulating braking pressure in such a way that even grabbing brakes during panic/emergency braking maneuvers doesn’t lock up the wheels of the motorcycle. This technology is now available even on relatively affordable bikes priced at under 1 lakh. The Dominar, on the other hand, is priced at Rs. 1.56 lakhs,for the dual channel ABS version. Dual channel ABS means ABS for both the wheels, and single channel ABS refers to ABS that works only the front wheel.