Bajaj Dominar 400 Zombie Edition is a cruiser right out of 'The Walking Dead'

Bajaj Dominar 400 Zombie Edition by Knight Auto Customizer is a cruiser right out of The Walking Dead

The Bajaj Dominar is the bikemaker’s flagship motorcycle currently on sale in India and has garnered quite a horde of fans since its launch in December 2016. Chennai-based custom wrappers Knight Auto Customizer got their hands on one of the power cruisers and gave it a custom wrap job that is inspired by the Walking Dead TV series.

Bajaj Dominar Zombie Edition

The custom-wrapped Dominar 400 has been given the title Zombie Edition and its custom wrap looks quite similar to many paint jobs that you would see on the vehicles made for a zombie apocalypse movie. The Dominar 400 Zombie Edition features a basic red and white colour pattern with custom stickers inspired by the zombie theme including one on the tail in bright yellow with blood splatter and bio-hazard logos with the words Zombie on Board.

Bajaj Dominar Zombie Edition 1

The custom-wrapped Dominar 400’s fuel tank is though where quite a lot of the best parts of the wrap can be seen. On the side, shadowing the edgy lines of the fuel tank are red arrows that end up pointing towards the engine. also seen on the sides of the tank is a red biohazard logo with Zombie Outbreak Response Team circling it. Another logo claims that the Dominar is part of the ‘Zombie Outbreak Response Team.’

Other texts on the tank include ‘Zombie Outbreak City Infected’ and funnily enough ‘Zombie Friendly Do Not Eat’. The centre section of the tank under the fuel filler cap shows a portrait of an armoured knight on a horse with the words ‘Knights Specialz’ in block lettering which tells everyone who lays eyes on the bike just who is responsible for this Walking Dead inspired wrap.

Bajaj Dominar Zombie Edition 11

There are few other cosmetic changes that can be seen on this customized Dominar 400 including what appears to be a carbon-fibre wrap on the cowl of the bike. The front fender of the bike too features the same carbon-fibre look. A section of the fins on the sides of the bike along with the front brake callipers have been painted a bright red.

Mechanically, Knight Auto Customizer hasn’t updated the Zombie Edition to help its rider flee the hordes of undead zombies as the custom-wrapped bike’s engine has been retained in its stock form. The Dominar 400 is powered by a 373 cc single cylinder fuel-injected engine that produces 34 Bhp and 35 Nm of torque. The engine is mated to a 6-speed gearbox.