Bajaj Dominar with heated hand grips: Touring in winters made comfortable [Video]


A enthusiast bike rider would not stop from riding be it cold rain or hot summers. However, winters are among the worst times to ride because of low visibility and chilling cold, which makes the hand and legs go numb in particular. Gloves provide some protection from the icy wind blasts but that’s just not enough in the face of harsh mother nature.

We bring you a big relief in the form of heated hand grips, which can provide the much needed warmth during cold weather riding. Let’s now checkout the video below by popeye the biker and see about its installation and usage.

As seen in the video, the grips are quite easy to install and function without any hassle. The whole package contains various components to be installed on the bike. This includes two Heated Grip Pads (With Connection Wires), one temperature Position Switch, one Heat Resistant Tape and two Heat Resistant grip covers. All the wiring stuff is done by the product manufacturing company itself and one just has to connect the negative and positive ends to the battery.

The Bajaj Dominar 400 is positioned as a sports tourer and with this heated grip installed, it is really a non stop machine now. Talking of the installation process, firstly, the stock grips have to be removed from their position, leaving the handles bare. It is then cleaned and the the heated pads are rolled over the handle. The heat resistant tape is then used to fix the pads firmly in place. Then the heat resistant grip covers are placed on top of the pads and are fitted using a heat gun or a hair dryer.

Handgrip Heater Dominar

Finally, the toggle switch is placed towards the inward end of the handgrips and in a position so that it can be toggled easily by thumb. The final wire connections are then made so as to make the system work. The grips are now ready to used with the flick of the switch. With the whole work done, the Dominar now literally becomes an all whether machine. The bike owner even shows that the grip is working by placing water drops on the grip, which dry in little amount of time.

This whole heated grip pack can be had yours for as little as Rs. 400, which makes it a really good value for money proposition. Up till now, high end tourer and cruiser bikes by companies like BMW and Harley Davidson came with the feature of heated grips but with this, the comfort of keeping your hands warm while riding can be achieved on any bike. Especially if you are a rider who makes regular trips to mountainous regions, this particular accessory can prove to be a god sent boon for you.