Bajaj Dominar LiveWire is a good looking, futuristic ‘electric bike’

Bajaj Dominar 400, which was launched with some major changes earlier this year is a popular bike in the Indian market. The Dominar 400 gets muscular styling and the body is designed very well with deep creases on them. Even it is a wild mashup, SRK Designs have seamlessly fused the Harley Davidson’s first electric motorcycle – LiveWire with the Bajaj Dominar 400. The results are quite fantastic.

Not much has been changed in the front-end of the Dominar. It keeps the Dominar DNA alive with the use of the same fuel tank, which is quite muscular in the way it looks. The headlamp of the bike is from the Ducati Monster, which really adds an aggressive stance to the bike. There are no changes in the front half of the bike. The major changes can be seen in the rear part of the Dominar 400. The video shows that the rear part seen on the Dominar LiveWire is lifted directly from the Harley Davidson LiveWire. This adds a mono-suspension look to the Dominar rear with a floating-seat. Even the bike’s rear wheel gets the belt-drive final system as against the Dominar’s chain-drive.

The price of the LiveWire was announced earlier this year in the USA market, it costs $29,799, which translates roughly into Rs 20.68 lakh. If the bike is imported to India as a CBU, the ex-showroom price will shot up to more than Rs 40 lakh, due to the taxes. The Dominar, on the other hand, is a bike almost everyone can buy. The bike is priced at only Rs 1.74 lakh, which is a fraction of the cost of the Harley Davidson Livewire.

Can it be modified like this? Well, the digital image is very neat and clean but we are sure there are numerous talented custom garages in India who can work around the Dominar to make it look at the digitally manipulated image by SRK. There are quite a few modifications based on the Dominar 400 in India but most of them are limited to adding touring-friendly modifications and accessories to the bike.

Bajaj Dominar LiveWire is a good looking, futuristic ‘electric bike’

The Bajaj Dominar 400 is known for its long-distance touring capability and the bike gets many features like upside down forks, mono shock, dual instrument cluster, comfortable riding position and a lot of low-end torque that makes it very capable on the bad roads and equally useful on the open highways.

In the future, Bajaj and Triumph will bring out all-new models that will target many developing markets like India. The launch of the first product from the partnership has been delayed and the first product from the partnership is expected to be launched sometime in 2021. We can expect som great looking products from the partnership of experienced motorcycle giants.

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