Bajaj Dominar 400 modified into a Suzuki Hayabusa: Watch the transformation [Video]

The Bajaj Dominar is the current flagship bike from the company’s stable and also the most expensive one. The powerful motorcycle is quite popular too because of the features and performance it provides at its unmatched price point. The bike has witnessed a slowdown in terms of sales of lately but had received quite a good response at the time of its launch.

It has also been a hit among the modifying circuits with most of the examples being made as hardcore adventure tourers. However, what we are here with today is a Bajaj Dominar that has been converted into a Suzuki Hayabusa. Let’s now take a look at this video by MACK RIDER which shows the modification process.

While there have been numerous examples of regular bikes which have been transformed into a Hayabusa, the Dominar fits the bill perfectly with its powerful engine and perimeter frame. The completed bike seen in the video seems like an exact scale replica of the original Hayabusa and one can’t tell in a glance that its a copy. The exhaust note of the bike too has been tuned in such a way so as to sound the the original Busa. The modification job has been carried over by GS Customs, which is a tuning house based in Delhi. Let’s now see in detail how this mod job is done to perfection.

The donor vehicle, which in this case in a Bajaj Dominar is first taken and opened down to bits. All the parts are taken off except the ires, frame and the engine. After this, the body scale is taken according to which a custom fibre body is prepared. This body is developed in house and given the shape of a Hayabusa. Then, the rear swingarm is extended and customized so as to fit bigger 190 mm tires as well as to give the bike the same dimension as the original busa. The rear wheel, according to the video, along costs near about Rs. 15,500. The front wheel is also changed and is now a 130 mm unit. The body is then wholly put together and all the components are bolted in.

Bajaj Dominar 400 modified into a Suzuki Hayabusa: Watch the transformation [Video]

After this, other body parts like the handlebar, replica instrument cluster, side mirrors among others are placed which are again made to scale. After all the fine tuning, finally the motorcycle is given a paint job in a similar theme as found on the original bike. In this case, it is a black paint job, that looks quite good. Another important bit of the bike are its silencers, which too are made in house by GS Customs. The twin pipes go through a lot of work and are made to perfection to give them a similar note as that of the Hayabusa.

The total cost of the modified Dominar-into-Hayabusa motorcycle sits somewhere between Rs. 1.5 lakh to Rs. 3 lakh, which is quite a sum to say the least. This along with the price of Dominar, which retails at Rs. 1.63 lakh, makes the whole affair quite costly one. Also, the bike owner can customize the bike further, which however will cost a lot more than the already mentioned price. What you get for the price is a total radical looking bike that can’t be mistaken for any thing but a Hayabusa. Combined with the Dominar’s 373.5 cc engine that powers the bike, the modified Hayabusa is ready to roll. To let you know, the Dominar produces a maximum of 34.5 Bhp of power and 35 Nm of torque

An updated Bajaj Dominar 400 is just around the corner. The motorcycle will get a slew of changes to improve refinement, off road performance and comfort. Chief among these will be upside down front forks and a new twin barrel exhaust. The 2019 Bajaj Dominar will have dual channel ABS as standard and the non-ABS version will be discontinued. A marginal price hike is likely for the new bike, which is expected to be launched in the next few weeks.