Bajaj Dominar motorcycle doing 194 KPH: We explain how this is possible.

A video has surfaced on Youtube that shows a Bajaj Dominar 400 doing a top speed of 194 Kph. The uploader of the video also claims that the Dominar 400 clocking the extreme high speed is unmodified. For the record, even Bajaj claims a 148 Kph top-speed for the Dominar. So how then is this unmodified Dominar doing 194 Kph? We explain!

First of all, there are multiple factors that can influence the speed or rather the ‘inflated speed’ that you see on a speedometer of a motorcycle. And one of the most common factors that give an inflated speed reading is speedo error.

Most motorcycles including the Dominar 400 have speedometers that are programmed at the factory/OEM to read at least 5 % more than the actual speed. This is to make sure that riders are able to stick to speed limits. It’s always safer to 80 Kph on the speedo when the actual speed is about 76 Kph rather than the speedometer showing 80 Kph when the actual speed is 85 Kph.

Then you have other gradient and environmental factors. A really long, traffic-free downslope can easily add 20 Kph to the speedometer’s already inflated reading. Bajaj Dominar riders have been claiming top-speed readouts of 160-165 Kph. Throw in a long downslope, the motorcycle will go faster, with its speedo reading a higher speed. Similarly, if there’s a big tail wind, that can also increase the overall speed. However, a stock Dominar 400 CANNOT do a true 194 Kph on a flat road, under normal conditions.

However modified motorcycles can do higher top speeds…

Assuming stock gearing, suppose the Dominar 400’s ECU is reflashed with another map that lifts the rev limiter. This will allow the motorcycle to rev 500 rpm to 1,000 rpm higher, giving it a top speed boost of 10-15 Kph. Similarly, if the gear ratios are modified and made longer, a higher top speed is possible. However, this isn’t good for the engine of the motorcycle in most cases as it can easily get damaged when/if over-revved.

Video courtesy RideWithUrus