Bajaj Dominar motorcycles complete the world’s toughest road (Trans-Siberian route) without a single breakdown

Three Indian bikers – Deepak Kamath, Sudhir Prasad and Dilip Bhat – managed to successfully complete the 15,600 Kms long Trans-Siberian route on their Bajaj Dominar motorcycles. The Trans-Siberian route, which also has the road of bones, is said to be one of the world’s toughest routes. Bajaj Auto has put out a video highlighting the ride.

It starts from Uzbekistan, crosses Tajikstan, Krygyzstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia and culminates in Russia. Over the 15,600 kilometers each Dominar did, none of the bikes faced any mechanical issues or breakdowns. No additional spare part except the ones used for regular maintenance had to be used on any of the three bikes.

In the video, the three bikers are seen praising the Dominar 400. They praise its reliability, grip levels, ABS, handling, ability to handle bad roads, etc. Obviously, the ride has been organized by Bajaj Auto to market the bike. That is one aspect.

But the other aspect is that the bike has really performed well in difficult conditions. This is a good sign as Bajaj has positioned the Dominar as a much more reliable and better-performing alternate to Royal Enfield motorcycles. Many bikes from reputed international brands have had their parts fail, causing breakdowns on this very route.

Bajaj Dominar motorcycles complete the world’s toughest road (Trans-Siberian route) without a single breakdown

The Dominar 400 is powered by a 373cc four stroke engine that outputs 35 Bhp and 35 Nm. The engine gets liquid cooling, triple spark ignition and fuel injection. The bike features hydraulic disc brakes on both wheels and ABS is offered as an option.

Suspension components include telescopic front forks and a rear monoshock. The bike’s only real disadvantage is that it’s quite heavy, with a kerb weight of over 180 Kgs. Bajaj has plans of building an adventure version of the Dominar. That bike will be launched next year in the Indian market. Bajaj also exports the Dominar to many international markets.